Infotainment Replacement Touch-Screen Details

No need to buy a new radio!

screen delam

photo courtesy of Trever Talbert

Thanks to Pascal Lemée for providing a link to a replacement touch-screen (the glass screen cover and “digitizer” that overlays the LCD presentation screen), for those experiencing delamination caused by high temperatures within the unvented air cavity between the two screens. It can currently be procured for about $20, including S/H using the link below, but even if you source it elsewhere, this provides the necessary details for comparison purposes (7 Inch, 36 Pin, Glass Touch Screen TM070RDZ38).

touchscreen repl

He also provided a link for an excellent repair guide (alternate google doc), written up with many photos, by Tyler Watthanaphand.


photo courtesy of Tyler Watthanaphand

4 thoughts on “Infotainment Replacement Touch-Screen Details

  1. Great information. The link is legit, but you have to scroll down to find it. The detail he gives is great with several pictures. So very easy to follow. If you can somehow grab it and put it on your site that would be awesome. Kudos to Tylerwatt12 !!!

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    • Since we’ve determined that the link is fine (his link to his resume seems to trigger the Malwarebyte message though), I’ve updated the url and edited the article somewhat. Thanks Mike.

      Seems Tyler has found an easier method to access the CMU too!


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