Added trunk space / Visor label removal


Project #2


trunk opening dimensions are 35″ W x 14″ L

The photo above shows the 124 Spider’s trunk opening dimensions (larger than the Miata’s), but due to the actual dimensions of the trunk cavity itself (which is even larger), along with the substantial 19″ depth, and the result of manipulating your items, those dimensions are not cargo size limitations.

Although the width of the trunk cavity is the same as the MX-5, the 3 additional inches in length vs. the MX-5 (which is why trunk liners designed for the MX-5 don’t fit properly), results in a pretty roomy space for a car this size.

I have 2 full size, comfy folding chairs that didn’t fit in the trunk – until, that is, I decided to remove the left and right interior side panels as my second project with my Spider. The chairs are each 44″ long when folded up!

coleman sling chair

There is a lot of unused space behind those panels (up to an additional 28 inches in width!) that really are there to make the space look pretty retaining clipand I suppose to protect the wiring from getting damaged. I wasn’t about to get those wimpy $9 short-back chairs that were mentioned in the Miata forums as being the only ones that fit in the MX-5’s trunk.

Just grab and pull the pop-out up (about 1/8″) on each retaining clip and then the entire clip will slide out of the hole. Usually, you can grab it with your thumbnail and a fingernail.

The panels then are very easy to remove (and reinstall later if /when you change your mind).



Project #1

The first project I did after bringing home my new 124 Spider was removing the ugly air bag warning labels from both sun visors.  After watching the YouTube video below, I got out my hair dryer, used the high setting, and heated up a label until it became hot and soft, and then I rubbed it off with an old wash cloth (rather than scraping it off with plastic as he did, for fear of marring the visor surface).  It actually comes off easier with the washcloth than using the method that he demonstrates.

Repeat for the other side.  Then I also used GooGone to get any remaining adhesive off.

You’ll never know they were there – mine came out great!!!

[UPDATE 5/3/2020]
Tobias observed that the airbag vinyl label removal process that works so well on the first-generation visors, doesn’t work so well on the new visors (that are also lined with vinyl) on the Mazda headers on MY 2018 (and newer) Miatas, as the bonding adhesion seems much stronger.

5 thoughts on “Added trunk space / Visor label removal

    • The visor surface has a “leather” finish, rather than smooth, which is why I went with a washcloth instead. It might not work in the small crevices, but let us know how it works.


  1. Have you taken the bottom carpet panel out of the trunk to see what’s under it? I have a piece of luggage that needs 1/4″ more head space. And from the way the carpet gives when I push on it, it seems like there should be space underneath.


    • No, I haven’t, but Peter Barnett has a video taking out that panel @ , and it looks like there is at least 1/4″ of padding underneath (apparently the Miata doesn’t get that insulation). You may want to add your own insulation in the troughs (similar to what he’s doing in the video), if you remove that padding.


      • Thanks Dan! Now there’s another project I didn’t even know I needed to do (sound dampening the trunk) LOL. Exactly the info I needed though.

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