HVAC Drain

If anyone happens to find water residing in their floor carpeting, I would first suspect the drain filters for the convertible top well needing to be cleaned, but a second unlikely possibility is a clogged/pinched drain hose for the HVAC evaporator. I couldn’t find out anything about this in either the MX-5 of 124 Spider Service Manuals, but  justanothermx5  shared the results of his investigation, and has located the elusive HVAC drain connection (yes, it’s under the subwoofer/wedge, as shown in his photo above), where the hose going through the firewall is attached, allowing condensate to drip on the ground.  If that hose were to somehow get clogged, condensate could make it’s way into the passenger footwell instead, so I’m displaying his pic, to hopefully help you locate the exterior end of that attached hose, as it would be advantageous to unclog it there (once you finally locate it), vs. breaking the seal by removing the drain component from the inside.

An hour after I published this article, Heimeyisdead found the exit point for the drain on his Lusso, by removing the passenger side wheel well cover, and took a photo

2 thoughts on “HVAC Drain

  1. My 2006 Jeep Commander is famous for this. Turns out that the tapered end of the drain tube (where it exits to the outside and under the car) was to small. The fix was to snip off the tapered portion leaving it wider than it originally was. I wonder if a little compressed air blown into that end where it exits (passenger side wheel) would solve that issue?


    • Your solution was probably best, as vinyl tubing tends to have a memory, so blowing air would clear out the obstruction, but not enlarge the opening.


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