Luggage sets for the 124 Spider


Given our somewhat small trunks, luggage can be a bit of a challenge, as I learned first hand while doing my cross-continent run this past June.  I found an article talking about custom luggage sets that were designed for the MX-5, and after a bit of research, came across a couple of possible options.  Warning:  None of them are “inexpensive”…

  • The first, and most economical, is  ⇑  this one listed on, which lists for $169 USD. I put in a buyer query regarding fitment for our Spiders, and I got a response back from another 2017 124 Spider Abarth owner who stated he had purchased it and it fits well, and he’s pleased with the purchase.  He says the set is manufactured for the NC model, which apparently has a bit smaller trunk than the ND our vehicle’s are based on, so he indicated that there’s some additional spare room after the bags are loaded. I’ve asked him if he can tell me how much is free (in inches) to the sides and front/back, so I’ll let you know if he responds with more info. As best I can tell from photos, it looks like there’s something like 10” or more to the sides that would be free for other items, like camera gear, etc.
  •  ⇑  Now, here’s a set I like even more, and I’ve got a query in as to the cost for shipping to North America (the dealers are in Europe, so it would likely ship from either Germany or the UK). They have three different trim levels, and of course the one I was drawn to is the black with red stitching (shown in photos above), which would match my interior beautifully.  The downside is that it’s 239 Euros.  Ouch.  The least expensive of the three versions is just under 200 Euros.  Here’s the links for the three versions, going from top to entry level version.  They look pretty much the same to me, other than the outer stitching details.

Look for suggestions from other readers, in the comments below…

3 thoughts on “Luggage sets for the 124 Spider

  1. Well, I got the shipping info on the more expensive sets. And when you compare the looks to the ones on Amazon, you will see a marked difference. The question is all about the value versus quality proposition.. On the plus side, they scrub the 18% VAT as it’s not applicable to Canada. Not sure how this works between the US and Germany given the recent tariff challenges. If it’s not applicable, the VAT is removed from the cost as you process through the web site’s. They ship from Germany via UPS, and the shipping cost to Calgary would be an additional 72 Euros. So, for the premium, red-stitched version, that’s a total of 311 Euros ($480 CAD, or $370 USD)… plus whatever you pay in local taxes once it arrives on our side of the pond. So, like I noted, not inexpensive, but possibly worth considering if you want to maximize the use of the small amount of luggage space we have available to us. One thing for sure, my 31″ PVC Samsonite Pullman doesn’t fit in there. lol


  2. PPS When you click on the links for the premium luggage, by default it comes up in German. At the top right you’ll see a little British flag you can click on to get the English version.


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