2018 / 2019 Visors

Photos by Mark Booth (used with permission)

2018 visor

⇑      Because the revised visors have been introduced in MY 2018 MX-5 vehicles, they were expected to be seen in MY 2018 124 Spiders as well, but that apparently didn’t happen.  The re-design may not function any better than the first year’s version (they still can not be pivoted to the side or above the header), but there is no doubt that they not only look better, but the cover for the enlarged mirror seems to be much more robust.  If the 1st generation visors are closed aggressively without first closing the mirror cover, the covers could catch on the anti-rattle rubber bumpers, eventually breaking one or both of their hinges.

      The familiar MY 2017 visor for comparison…

2017 visor

For those that may feel the need to upgrade (or have busted their mirror covers), it appears that since the mounting configuration of the restyled header trim assembly (which includes the visors) hasn’t been altered, it may very well be an expensive, direct replacement installation in prior model year 124 Spiders (and MX-5s), perhaps under warranty.

13 thoughts on “2018 / 2019 Visors

  1. As much as I’d like to replace my cheap-ass visors, it looks like there’s a LOT deeper space there. The right side on both is flush with the roof guides, but the 2017 drops back down in the middle where the 2018 doesn’t… Got a feeling it’s not going to be an easy swap.


    • That’s why I mentioned replacing the header assembly, not just the visors themselves. I’m not planning on doing this project; I just posted it in case someone out there feels strongly enough to get rid of the cheap looking visors.


      • I have a 2018 Lusso and the visor is just like the 2017 model. The gauge cluster is the same as 2017 as well. Could this be a midyear production change?


      • Well Martin, you’ve stumped me. The gauge change for the 2018 124 Spider was announced, but the visor change was an assumption on my part based on the MX-5.

        Does the VIN # indicate that your Lusso is in fact a 2018? (what letter is the 10th digit?) H is 2017 and J is 2018.

        I just looked at some photos of a 2018 Lusso in Blu Scuro, and sure enough the gauge is the same as 2017, so it appears that my article is incorrect on both counts. It seems that other than some colors, perhaps for logistical reasons, Fiat didn’t want things to change afterall.


      • I like the revised temp gauge. On my 2017 Abarth 124 Spider, the reading never gets to 100C, which is the first number after the solid bar at the far left hand side of the temp display. So from cold start, to having driven 1000km at highway speed, the reading never gets past the solid bar. Which is good in that the engine isn’t overheating, but why in the good Lord’s name did they create a huge temperature range going from 100C to 200C to 300C. 95% of that gauge display for temp will never be used to display operating temperatures. At least with the one in this photo, the regular temp is in the top middle of the value range curve. Much better…


  2. My Lusso is a 2018. The tenth letter of the VIN is a J. I think there were a few changes that Fiat was touting for 2018, but then changed their mind. Originally, when I was thinking about ordering a 2018 back in August, there was a $100 dollar price increase, and XM radio was going to be offered as standard. That did not happen as the 2018’s are the same price and you still have to upgrade to the Bose/Nav package for XM. At first, I was a little disappointed in the lack of colors for the gauges, but now I think they look pretty classic on the car. Maybe red indicator needles would add a little contrast.

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  3. I have a GT Blu Esse, which to me looks the same as the Blu Scuro. Although the fixed roof version was presented recently at the Geneva motorshow, the sunvisors are also the 2017 model. Also in the manual I found an orange card testifying that the car was produced on 2017-01-11(I’m not sure if the date is mm/dd or dd/mm). So apparently, for the first batch of GT’s(called series 01), cars already on stock were used. Mine is not numerated and also does not have the 124GT(red lettering) as was shown in Geneva.

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    • Peter, use the link at the bottom of the page to print your build sheet. If it states that you were supposed to get a 124GT emblem, the dealer will get one for you, if you want it. Pretty sure the date is dd/mm as the new blue is a MY 2018 color, and November was definitely 2018 production.

      See my latest article for a photo of Peter’s gorgeous car and details regarding the hardtop.


  4. Not sure if anyone has tried this but they are not a direct replacement. Because the revised visor is thicker, they will not close properly. It seems that at least the head lining trim has also been modified to accommodate this. Not sure if this means that the interior pillar trims are also different. Additionally the outside locating pivot on the new visors is larger than on the original. Visor alone are £80 each in UK. A new header trim will probably make your eyes water also. Plan on a visit to a Mazda dealer to check out the modified header trim. Will update but if anyone has already tried I’d be happy to hear how you got on.


      • Standard Mazda self dimming Mirror is the Gentex/Mito GENK40A but that doesn’t come with homelink.

        There is a very good thread on the Miata board that describes on how to replace it with a Series 8 (framless mirror) https://forum.miata.net/vb/showthread.php?p=8500339

        However there are some more points to keep in mind depending on where you live:
        – Homelink frequencies are different around the world. In the EU homelink operates at 433Mhz while in the US I think it’s somewhere around 3XXMhz. I haven’t found any information about which Gentext mirror supports which frequency or if you can configure this somehow, so…

        – some markets don’t have the correct cable loom to power these mirrors. What is important here is the C-17 connector behind the left A-pillar trim.
        I.e. 2017 German 124s were never sold with an auto-dimming rear view mirror, so they only have the Miata “Club” cable loom there, which means that no cables (for the rear view mirror) run to the C-17 connector and none run up to the header trim. So you’d have to run these wires yourself.

        I’m currently sourcing parts to retrofit a Gentex Series 8 mirror into my Abarth. Ordered the mirror this week but since you can’t get one from retail here I had to get it from the US. Should arrive in a few weeks. Already have the fuse taps.
        Read on the Miata board that you should get Lumision taps since these will have a proper fit in the fuse box. But guess where I had to import these from 😉


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