New USB Audio Tweak

USB Audio Mod. Developed By Enlsen

updated “Now Playing” screen

I recently noticed that a USB Audio Tweak had been added to the Mazda AIO Tweaks (turns out, since June 2017), and although I don’t believe it updates any codecs, it does improve the behavior of the selection and display of your USB audio files, and reconfigures the ten buttons in the Menu Bar.  After testing the tweak out, I feel that the firmware should have been programmed to reflect these improvements years ago!  As a bonus, Speedometer app users, along with those that travel with the Navigation screen displayed, may appreciate the status bar display of audio track info, as each new track begins.

Specifically, these are the mods contained in the tweak:

  1. Adds new icons for new USB root menu option on the Menu Bar    IcnUmpUSBMenu_En    IcnUmpUSBMenu_Ds
  2. Removes “More like this” button from Menu Bar
  3. Adds folders button to Menu Bar
  4. Displays folders and song list icons correctly (were switched) in Menu bar
  5. Removes trailing “/” character from folder names for list control, and from the title in “Now Playing”
  6. Adds folder and song icons to the list control
  7. Adds folder and playlist icons to “Now Playing”
  8. Removes indent from “Now Playing”, to allow more room for text display
  9. Long press (click hold) in folders, selects ALL songs to play
  10. Bonus: At the beginning or each track, shows Artist – Title in a status-bar notification, even on other screens (will not override Navigation route instructions though).

I used MZD-AIO version 2.8.0 to compile  this update, and by making a copy of my USB installation drive containing the tweak, it turns out to be an easy means of making this install available to others.


Compatible with the following versions of our Fiat firmware:

  • 56.00.521-NA (for Fiats in North America, USA, Canada, Mexico)
  • 56.00.521-EU (for Fiats in Europe, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia. etc.)
  • 56.00.530-EU (for Abarths in Europe, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia. etc.)
  • 56.00.530-4A (for Abarths in Australia, NZ, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa-America, Oceania)
  • 56.00.530-NA (for early 2018 Fiats in North America, USA, Canada, Mexico)
  • 56.00.530-EU (for 2018 Fiats in Europe, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia. etc.)

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the USB tweak (only click the light green download button for the zip file), and Unzip the contents of the downloaded file onto an empty FAT32 formatted USB 2.0 or 3.0 drive (not larger than 32GB).
  2. Insert the USB drive into your car USB port.
  3. Tap your Start button once (without touching the brake pedal) to put the car in ACC mode.
  4. Be patient and wait for the first message (could take as long as 5 or 6 minutes), acknowledge the OS version message (using the touchscreen) and wait while the progress messages scroll by.  As long as you have a variation of 56.00.521 or 56.00.530 firmware, just answer YES when prompted to continue installation.
  5. Acknowledge the reboot prompt (using the touchscreen).
  6. After the screen turns black (system reboot), pull out your USB drive and…
  7. Enjoy!

Original Configuration

Several of the original ten buttons were not well chosen!

USB screens1


7 thoughts on “New USB Audio Tweak

  1. Thank you for alerting me @francois. One of the icons was missing. To the 32 readers that have downloaded last night, I’ve updated the zip file, so please replace with the complete version.


  2. So I did the update and it all went as it should. But now on the following day the USB port seems to be locking up. Radio works and Nav is ok put the USB music just stalls and requires a hard reboot to continue playing. Any ideas or suggestions on what the trouble may be? Thanks


  3. The tweak has been out since June 2017, and I’m not currently aware of any issues resulting from the tweak, so the only ideas I have right now, are that:

    1) your USB drive is suspect. Perhaps you’ve been inserting/removing it without turning off the car first? or not ejecting it properly in your PC, after adding music files? >> Try another USB music drive
    2) the tweak didn’t fully install properly >> Redo


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