Removing the (Automatic) shift knob



an MX-5 knob is illustrated here, whereas the 124 Spider knob is squarish

For those that need to remove the shift knob in order to replace the leather boots (shifter and ebrake boots) with alcantara versions, or simply don’t like the feel of Fiat’s square knob and perhaps wish to substitute it with the round MX-5 version, here is the removal procedure:


  1. Engage parking brake.
  2. Shift the selector lever to the N range.
  3. Insert the tool (width: 2 mm {0.08 in} or less, thickness: 1 mm {0.04 in} or less) on the rear side, as shown in the figure.
  4. Lift the tool horizontally in the direction of arrow (1) shown in the figure and detach the tab, and then remove the lock release button cover in the direction of arrow (2).
  5. Remove the spring.
  6. Remove the selector lever knob.



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