Installing the Mopar “124” Grille Emblem




82215037The instructions (shown above) that come with the Mopar grille emblems

  • 82215036 (red; shown in top photo)
  • 82215037 (black; shown in photo immediately above)

show very few details and are a little vague, especially since the adhesive promoter towelette that is identified in the instructions is substituted with a 3M Primer 94 “pen” that itself, has no instructions. Learn how to use the primer pen here.

Here is my version of the Instructions:

  1. Clean the surface (where the emblem is to be adhered to) first with the rubbing alcohol towelette, and allow 5 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate.
  2. To promote the best possible adhesion to the plastic surface, apply Primer 94 by squeezing the tube, until you feel the thin glass vial that is inside the tube “crunch”, allowing the primer to soak into the applicator tip.  Now use the pen like a “Sharpie” and coat that same surface.
  3. Allow 5 minutes for the primer to dry as well, being careful not to touch the prepped surface.
  4. Peel the protective film off of the adhesive tape on the rear of the emblem, being careful not to touch the adhesive surface.
  5. Carefully align the emblem just above the intended location, only pressing it into the prepped location after you are certain it is aligned.

Note:  These Mopar emblems are intended only for Classsicas and Lussos.  The Abarth’s grilles are significantly different!


Worrying that the weight of the Mopar emblem might cause the entire tow-eye access cover to fall out of the grille, I chose to 3D-print a very lightweight plastic grille emblem instead.   Read more here.  This is the end result  ⇓

grille emblem on car


2 thoughts on “Installing the Mopar “124” Grille Emblem

  1. Looks nice! Wouldn’t mind one of those that’d fit in a hex on the Abarth grille… I DID finally get the Abarth scorpion engine cover I ordered from the UK… Now, with the exception of the key fob, there’s not a “Fiat” to be found…


    • Louis Flemal: Would you mind sharing the source of the engine cover? Also, mine has a Fiat badge on the steering wheel, were you able to source an Abarth version? Thanks!


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