Alternative Cup Holders



LHD configuration (RHD is symmetrically opposite)

European 124 Spiders apparently don’t come equipped with cup holders, and Peter T has been on the lookout for alternatives to the expensive official Mopar options:

  • 884dc7e36dcffe47a3d83edeb180322a6LE32U0DAA for the right side unit, that will also fit in the RHD forward passenger-side slot (list price of  $359 U.S. – ouch!)
  • 6LE33U0DAA for the left side unit, that will also fit in the LHD forward passenger-side slot (list price of  $359 U.S. – ouch!)
  • 68307701AA for silver add-on bezels (list price of  $260 U.S. – another ouch!)

So, by my calculations, if you want a pair with silver bezels, that comes out to $978!!(MSRP, per ).

Yes, I can see why you’ve been searching around, Peter.  Here’s his discovery (along with his photos) of one alternative:

The Helinox cup holder is even sturdier than the original one, does not wobble and when in place, can be flipped up, which the original cup holder cannot do!  Helinox stands for high quality stuff.   As an accessory for a camp chair, at $30 U.S., a bit expensive, but compared to the Mopar one – cheap!

In Italy, no cup holders come with the car, so I bought one original one (right hand side) which sits behind my elbow, without being in my way fortunately.

Peter added later 😉 :

For two cup holders  the official cost is €189 and for the two silver rings €155. You can get them cheaper at the blackparts store and even cheaper at Nobody beats the Helinox $30 though!


5 thoughts on “Alternative Cup Holders

  1. I’m not quite sure where those prices come from, as in the UK, the official Fiat / FCA prices are:

    Cup holders (pair) with black bezels: £135
    Silver rings (pair) for above: £125

    You can pick up the Mazda equivalent versions (identical) for about £80 each


    • This is one of my sources Stu. I knew those prices were utterly ridiculous (and the marked down prices are as well). Peter also replied via email with clarification about fit and real prices, and I’ve added all that as well.



  2. Just adding some info from an article I read last year ( )

    Apparently Mazda slightly changed the cupholders for the 2019 Miata. Don’t know if Mopar issues a separate part# for the new design or sells of old stock under the same #. Prospective buyers might want to keep an eye on that.

    As Stu said. Official prices in the EU market for these parts are lower than the US MSRP (price in Germany is about the same as the one in the UK). Still overpriced though -.-

    Personally I’ve bought a set for the 2 rear mounting points. In the front I used the 3D printable bracket that Dan kindly linked ( ) and attached a small faux leather pouch i got from Mainland China via amazon. Matches the carbonmiata floor mats. Glued on a scorpion patch from ebay for a little bit of extra Abarth-iness 😉
    Didn’t buy the silver rings. Mainly because the price is just ridiculous. Honestly with the black ring you hardly notice them and they are far away from the other parts. So imo it’s not a problem that they don’t match an interior with silver/red vent rings.

    I’m more surprised that there are no alternatives to the OEM parts. By now I would have expected that some company would provide something like a carbon fiber cover. The only thing i could find was a Japanese company that offers stainless steel rings (they just cover the top rim though) with different inserts.

    Does anybody know the paint code/name of the silver rings? Just in case I might decide to paint mine.


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