Abarth 124 startup screens


As Cal has commented recently, there are a number of included items “missing” from the North American Abarth 124 vehicles as compared to the those marketed to the rest of the world, including:

– Abarth lightning bolt front fender badges
– Abarth badged steering wheel with red stripe
– Alcantara suede trim on dash, armrest cover, etc.
– Abarth engine cover
– Red painted tow hook cap in the front grill
– Red brim at the front bottom air spoiler location
– Red mirror caps
– Abarth name stitched in the seatbacks
– Monza exhaust system & Heritage stripe
– Animated Abarth boot screens in the Infotainment system

abarth_124_spider_02Well this last item can be easily remedied.  For those North American Abarth owners that would like their Infotainment systems to boot with official animated Abarth screens (like those in Europe do) rather than the animated Fiat screens, I’ve amended my
“124 Spider-only” All-In-One tweak package (many other tweaks including “pause-on-mute” and “enable touchscreen for your passenger”)  to accommodate you.  Option [X] substitutes the two files and can be easily reversed, using the Uninstall feature.

Thanks for the suggestion Cal!  I’m actually enjoying it in my Fiat Classica for a while 😉



8 thoughts on “Abarth 124 startup screens

  1. And thank you so much for setting this up for us. Even though it’s -14C right now, I can’t wait to load this onto a USB stick and get out in my garage for an installation. You “da man”! Very, very much appreciated.


  2. I installed this yesterday afternoon (the temp’s got up to a nice balmy -12C… that’s somewhere around 10F. lol

    The Abarth start-up screen looks beautiful. Sharp, sleek and IMHO, elegant.

    I had also created a background screen consisting of the Abarth lightning logo on a black background. Unfortunately it’s a bit overwhelming and intrusive when sitting behind a lot of the views (music, for example). So I think my next crack at this will be to change the graphic by applying a 50% translucency effect to it, and then see if it looks okay. My goal is to get a background that has a nice colouration, showing the Abarth logo… but not overwhelming when other content is overlaid on top of it. Once I get a copy that looks okay (to me), I’ll forward you a copy to share with the other Abarth owners.

    Best regards and thanks,


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  3. The Abarth boot up logo/animation is a nice finishing touch on the car. I can’t believe that it didn’t come stock with it if it’s already that way over in the EU, but I guess it was just one more “money saver” that they decided on for the US market.

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    • Indirectly, perhaps this was part of a “money saver” strategy, as I believe the NE platform (Abarth) CMUs are more expensive with better shielding for acceptable WiFi performance, etc.


  4. I don’t want to go Fiat bashing – well, maybe a little bit… it just seems peculiar that with the Abarth being a premium brand that they would choose to purposely make decisions to upset their existing user base in North America. Yes, we Abarth owners are a bit of a rare breed, but as with my 2013 500 Abarth, we tend to love our vehicles. I honestly bought my 2017 Abarth 124 with the naive thought that it would come with the same level of branding that was delivered with the 500 edition. I, like many others, were surprised when Fiat chose to remove trim and branding components that make it unique. It was, IMHO, a seriously poor decision. If they had continued to support the brand here, they would have gotten no end of positive (and free) publicity from their Abarth owners. Instead, I would now tell folks to consider the vehicle, but also advise them such that they make an informed decision… what you see on so many YouTube videos it not what you’ll take possession of.

    That said, I’d like to end this positively by stating and thanking Dan for his work in support of the brand and getting the Abarth start up animations for us to install in our vehicles. Sometimes in life, it’s the small things that bring us pleasure, and for me… this is one of those things. Thank you Dan for your ongoing work and support.

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  5. I created an Abarth background screen that some of you may enjoy. It shouldn’t be too busy and I softened it somewhat. Use Option [E] to install it.


  6. Update on North American Abarth branding.

    As I work towards making my Canuck version of the 2017 Abarth 124 Spider look more akin to it’s European cousins, I’ve discovered some of why our vehicles in North America are missing some of the branding. In brief, in Europe, Abarth is sold by Abarth dealerships, independent of Fiat… owned by the same parent company, but not sold via Fiat dealerships. In North America, the Abarth’s are sold as just another trim level in the Fiat 124 Spider family.

    That said, I have managed to address all the missing components, with the exception of one that is on back order, and three that are just purely cost prohibitive or impossible. You can source the fender badges and key fob badges via eBay. The Record Monza Exhaust is now on back order with my local Fiat dealership. I have ordered the proper Abarth engine cover from a UK Abarth dealership, and it will arrive next week. I sourced a soft plastic Abarth logo cap for the steering wheel (covering the existing Fiat logo cap). What I chose not to pursue are a) the Abarth identity plate that mounts on the cover of the locking storage cubby between the two seat backs. It’s customized with the VIN of the vehicle produced. I’m working with a dealership in the UK on sourcing this but it’s not looking good. b) the scorpion logo branded cover to the small storage cubby between the seats (behind the audio volume knob). I could get it, but it’s around 240 pounds sterling, or $350 CAD. Too bloody much money for a cover, and you end up buying the whole centre console assembly… not just the cover. c) the Abarth branded seats… completely unrealistic for cost to purchase and ship to North American.

    So, to cut to the chase, my journey is nearing an end. With Dan’s site and his wonderful assortment of tweaks and customization information, I’ve gotten very close to the car that I expected to have delivered when I first ordered it. My next little mod is the installation of the hood raising lifts to eliminate the flip up post to hold the hood up. And then when I get the Record Monza exhaust, I’ll have that snapping, snarling growl I miss from my 500 Abarth.

    Thank you Dan for all your hard work and patience. Truly appreciated.


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