Abarth 124 startup screens / unique parts


North American Abarth 124 Spiders vs. those sold in the rest of the world


[UPDATED 10/10/2017, 11/21/2017, 2/14/2018, 5/7/2018, 9/27/2018 and 10/3/2018 with some known Abarth part numbers for those with connections in Europe, news regarding the Monza exhaust, Abarth steering wheel, Abarth seats, key fob emblems and Veleno goodies, along with a new Ameridan exclusive shutdown animation]


The one primary item that is common between North American Abarth 124 Spiders and those sold to the rest of the world is the $1995 Heritage stripe, more formally called the Racing Heritage Black Center Band.  Rather than being sent to Turin, Italy, all North America cars ordered with this option are shipped from the entry port to Penske’s Vehicle Service facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan for this labor-intensive, hand-painted matte black paint job on the hood and deck lid panels. 

animated 124Abarth colors

[added 11/5/2022]
For those that wish to paint (or wrap) that stripe themselves, because of the unusual sunset lighting, the next photo clearly identifies the crease that delineates the masking edge of the stripe.

hood lines

photo courtesy of Stefano Mora. The “radius” line is very obvious in a photo Stefano Mira posted in the 124 Spider Italia facebook group today (he just bought it). The sunset lighting is such that I never noticed those creases before – it defines the stripe masking. (the hood bumps almost look inverted because of the lighting)

A couple of other items that are common, include the manual shift knob with red graphics. 


…and the Abarth unique instrument cluster gauges. 

abarth europe instrument panel

photo courtesy of denzel

… But as Cal has commented recently, there are a number of other included items “missing” from the North American Abarth 124 Spiders, which will involve special ordering in some cases (many of them can also be ordered from this company in Japan which several have been very pleased doing business with).

Some of the “missing” items:

Abarth badged steering wheel with the twelve-o’clock red stripe (see photo above)

(because of the air-bag system the badge is attached to, certification in the U.S. wasn’t achieved in time for Model Year (MY) 2017; however they are expected to be installed for MY 2019, and have been reported to be in MY 2018 vehicles (produced after August 2017) as well, minus the twelve-o’clock red stripe) 


Abarth lightning bolt front fender badges  (Left = Part # 68348940AA; Right = Part # 68349018AA, produced to accommodate the slight curve in the panels)   

abarth fender badge

♦  Abarth Alcantara suede “under panel” dash trim (European Part # 52061597), shift boot, and hand-brake boot  

alcantara dash

♦  Abarth Alcantara suede meter hood   

alcantara cluster cover

♦  Abarth Alcantara armrest console cover with scorpion logo  

Fiat 124 Abarth

♦  Abarth engine cover with scorpion logo (European Part # 55269201)   

Abarth engine cover

♦  Abarth Red painted tow hook cap in the front grill with scorpion logo  

♦  Abarth Red brim (European Part # 52060683) or gun-metal brim (European Part # 52060686) at the front bottom air spoiler location   ⇓

red brim.jpg

gun metal brow

♦  Abarth Red mirror caps (Part # 52061611 for a pair)  52061604_1024x1024

♦  Abarth key fobs (you can simply exchange the logo emblems)  

abarth key fob

photo courtesy of mike34 using the eBay badges from China


♦  Abarth seats with name stitched into the seat backs

(because of the air-bag system within the seats, certification in the U.S. wasn’t achieved in time for MY 2017; however they are expected to be installed for MY 2019, and have been reported to be in MY 2018 vehicles as well)  


♦  Abarth carpet floor mats with plaque attached, in place of  (actually, it’s obscuring) the embroidered “124 Spider” on our very lightweight carpeted mats  ⇓

abarth OEM floor mats.png

photo courtesy of Peter T

⇓  For MY 2019, North America Abarths are finally getting the optional embroidered Abarth  floormats (part # 82215028AB) that are offered elsewhere in the Veleno (“poison, in English”) option package, along with – bright pedals, red mirror caps, a red lower fascia lip, the Abarth front fender badges and a red front tow hook cap in the front grill with scorpion logo.

abarth 2019 Veleno floor mats

photo courtesy of Jalopnik

♦  Abarth Owner’s Manual binder, embossed with the Abarth logo and stitched in red  ⇓

abarth binder

photo courtesy of Peter T

♦  DOT 4 brake fluid is standard; North American Abarths only get DOT 3

♦  Monza exhaust system option (now also reported to be available at your MOPAR dealer as part # 82215034)   ⇓


♦  Animated Abarth bootup screens in the Infotainment system

Well this last item can be easily remedied.  For those North American Abarth owners that would like their Infotainment systems to bootup with official animated Abarth screens (like those in Europe do) rather than the animated Fiat screens, I’ve amended my
“124 Spider-only” All-In-One tweak package (many other tweaks including “pause-on-mute” and “enable touchscreen for your passenger”)  to accommodate you.  Option [X] substitutes the two files and can be easily reversed, using the Uninstall feature.  Read more about this specific tweak here.

Thanks for the suggestion Cal!  I’m actually enjoying it in my Classica for a while.  😉


       Here is an Abarth background image I created…


       Bonus added 12/5/2017:  Here’s another Abarth background image I created that you Abarth owners might enjoy.  See the tweak instructions for details on how to install.


       Bonus added 10/3/2018:  An Abarth shutdown animation has been created, and is now available in my AIO 1.51Fiat_d Updates Folder.   The Option [X] tweak can be modified to install it:

  • Copy the 20i.txt and 20d.txt files into the choose folder of the AIO package on your PC.
  • Copy the ExitLogo.ivf file into the choose/config_all/bootanimation/jci/resources folder of the AIO package on your PC
  • Copy the OrigExitLogo.ivf file into the choose/config_org_all/bootanimation/jci/resources folder of the AIO package on your PC (renaming it ExitLogo.ivf afterwards)
  • and reinstall the tweak

screenshot of video clip, courtesy of FCA

      Note: I am currently not running any memory intensive apps, so installing the additional file has had no negative effect on my system.  However, if you have installed (or plan to install) app(s) like Android Auto (or perhaps even Speedometer?), there is a possibility that performance might suffer from obligating an additional 750 KB of memory, requiring you to revert back to the original ExitLogo file…

animation file sizes

Which brings up another point – if you are going to install the CarPlay/Android Auto retrofit kit, it might very helpful to not only forego this exit animation, but the bootup TranLogo animation as well, if it hasn’t already been eliminated in version 70 firmware, as those two files will pretty much use up all of the spare RAM in your CMU.

The TranLogoEnd.ivf is only 161 KB, which is basically the five home screen main menu buttons on the original background, and is an ideal small substitute animation file for TranLogo.ivf.


30 thoughts on “Abarth 124 startup screens / unique parts

  1. And thank you so much for setting this up for us. Even though it’s -14C right now, I can’t wait to load this onto a USB stick and get out in my garage for an installation. You “da man”! Very, very much appreciated.

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  2. I installed this yesterday afternoon (the temp’s got up to a nice balmy -12C… that’s somewhere around 10F. lol

    The Abarth start-up screen looks beautiful. Sharp, sleek and IMHO, elegant.

    I had also created a background screen consisting of the Abarth lightning logo on a black background. Unfortunately it’s a bit overwhelming and intrusive when sitting behind a lot of the views (music, for example). So I think my next crack at this will be to change the graphic by applying a 50% translucency effect to it, and then see if it looks okay. My goal is to get a background that has a nice colouration, showing the Abarth logo… but not overwhelming when other content is overlaid on top of it. Once I get a copy that looks okay (to me), I’ll forward you a copy to share with the other Abarth owners.

    Best regards and thanks,


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  3. The Abarth boot up logo/animation is a nice finishing touch on the car. I can’t believe that it didn’t come stock with it if it’s already that way over in the EU, but I guess it was just one more “money saver” that they decided on for the US market.

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    • Indirectly, perhaps this was part of a “money saver” strategy, as I believe the NE platform (Abarth) CMUs are more expensive with better shielding for acceptable WiFi performance, etc.


  4. I don’t want to go Fiat bashing – well, maybe a little bit… it just seems peculiar that with the Abarth being a premium brand that they would choose to purposely make decisions to upset their existing user base in North America. Yes, we Abarth owners are a bit of a rare breed, but as with my 2013 500 Abarth, we tend to love our vehicles. I honestly bought my 2017 Abarth 124 with the naive thought that it would come with the same level of branding that was delivered with the 500 edition. I, like many others, were surprised when Fiat chose to remove trim and branding components that make it unique. It was, IMHO, a seriously poor decision. If they had continued to support the brand here, they would have gotten no end of positive (and free) publicity from their Abarth owners. Instead, I would now tell folks to consider the vehicle, but also advise them such that they make an informed decision… what you see on so many YouTube videos it not what you’ll take possession of.

    That said, I’d like to end this positively by stating and thanking Dan for his work in support of the brand and getting the Abarth start up animations for us to install in our vehicles. Sometimes in life, it’s the small things that bring us pleasure, and for me… this is one of those things. Thank you Dan for your ongoing work and support.

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  5. I created an Abarth background screen that some of you may enjoy. It shouldn’t be too busy and I softened it somewhat. Use Option [E] to install it.


  6. Update on North American Abarth branding.

    As I work towards making my Canuck version of the 2017 Abarth 124 Spider look more akin to it’s European cousins, I’ve discovered some of why our vehicles in North America are missing some of the branding. In brief, in Europe, Abarth is sold by Abarth dealerships, independent of Fiat… owned by the same parent company, but not sold via Fiat dealerships. In North America, the Abarth’s are sold as just another trim level in the Fiat 124 Spider family.

    That said, I have managed to address all the missing components, with the exception of one that is on back order, and three that are just purely cost prohibitive or impossible. You can source the fender badges and key fob badges via eBay. The Record Monza Exhaust is now on back order with my local Fiat dealership. I have ordered the proper Abarth engine cover from a UK Abarth dealership, and it will arrive next week. I sourced a soft plastic Abarth logo cap for the steering wheel (covering the existing Fiat logo cap). What I chose not to pursue are a) the Abarth identity plate that mounts on the cover of the locking storage cubby between the two seat backs. It’s customized with the VIN of the vehicle produced. I’m working with a dealership in the UK on sourcing this but it’s not looking good. b) the scorpion logo branded cover to the small storage cubby between the seats (behind the audio volume knob). I could get it, but it’s around 240 pounds sterling, or $350 CAD. Too bloody much money for a cover, and you end up buying the whole centre console assembly… not just the cover. c) the Abarth branded seats… completely unrealistic for cost to purchase and ship to North American.

    So, to cut to the chase, my journey is nearing an end. With Dan’s site and his wonderful assortment of tweaks and customization information, I’ve gotten very close to the car that I expected to have delivered when I first ordered it. My next little mod is the installation of the hood raising lifts to eliminate the flip up post to hold the hood up. And then when I get the Record Monza exhaust, I’ll have that snapping, snarling growl I miss from my 500 Abarth.

    Thank you Dan for all your hard work and patience. Truly appreciated.


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    • Having come across several European part numbers for unique Abarth 124 goodies, I added them to my article today for those that have connections in Europe, or may be going there and can bring them back in their luggage 😉

      Also adding photos as I come across them.


  7. Thank you for the part numbers. Another option is for folks to visit and scroll down to the bottom of the home page. There you find a link to submit queries, and also a dealer locator. Every dealer has a service department and many are willing to work with foreign purchasers. I purchased and installed the engine cover and fender badges, with a total investment (including shipping and duties) of around $350 CAD or $300 USD.

    If I remember correctly, the badges were sold as a pair for around $50 CAD and the engine cover was $175 CAD. I passed on the alcantera scorpion logo center cubby cover as it was over $300. I think it’s sold as part of a much larger component, like perhaps the centre console itself. Beyond that I applied an adhesive Abarth logo plate to the steering wheel, Abarth branded seatbelt covers (done in a carbon fiber weave look), and red Abarth branded aluminum tire valve stem caps. These items were sourced through ebay as after-market items. I have the Record Monza Exhaust ordered through my dealer’s service manager, but it’s been over three months and I can’t seem to get a confirmed shipping date. I’m considering the red mirror caps and front end treatment. I had the red accents package on my 2013 500 Abarth and it looked pretty sharp.

    If you’d like photos, just let me know and I can show you what I’ve done so far. Once again, thank you for your ongoing support for us.

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  8. Finally an explanation! How did the soft logo for the steering wheel end up looking? I used a wheel center hub Scorpion that fit pretty well, but isn’t quite what I was hoping for. Agree that the interior WE got isn’t as nice, but getting it piecemeal isn’t worth the trouble. (I’m going to experiment with other ways to add a scorpion to the center console) All of the OTHER “Fiat” markings are gone from MY Abarth as well. It took some fiddling, but I think it’s worth it.


    • I too used a 54mm adhesive backed wheel hub centre piece. It was gloss black with a nice coloured version of the Abarth logo (similar to that displayed on our hood and trunk lids). I purchased a gloss black touch-up paint pen and used it to paint the edges of the aluminum disk, and then applied it to the centre of the steering wheel. It covers the Fiat logo perfectly and looks very nice. It is not identical to the stock version of the steering wheel, as it has the logo applied to a chrome background… much the same as it is on the North American 500 Abarths. Because I have the Recarro seats with Bose speakers build into the tops, I won’t be pursuing the Abarth logo seats. I do have several customizers in Calgary that can apply the stitched logo to my existing seats, but I’ve chosen not to bother. Aside from the Monza exhaust, the only remaining items I’m considering are the front red accents and the red mirror caps. As it stands now, she’s a glossy black beauty and pretty much identical in appearance to her European cousins. Enjoy your ride… we got an early snowfall in Calgary today, so mine is likely not going to leave my garage again until next spring. The huge, honkin’ SUV is my winter ride. lol

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  9. Hi Dan, I am looking for a few line style images, like the one on your main page that has 124 Spider and the profile of the car. Perhaps you can put an images page up including hi-res Abarth Logo and other hi-res 124 artwork. I am making some custom items for my car and need the hi-res art.


  10. For all you Abarth owners, I’ve created another Abarth background that you can try out. I’ve added it to the bottom of this blog article.


  11. Regarding the Abarth branded key fobs, that is actually one of the easier items to fix. Do a search on eBay and you’ll find 14mm Abarth metal stick on buttons. The Fiat logo on the key fob pops off easily using a small screwdriver or knife (it’s just a metal cap), and the replacement button fits in the space perfectly using the adhesive backing it comes with. You don’t need to replace the fob… just the metal logo button.


  12. It’s official. According to an article on Fiat 500 USA dated Jan. 22, 2018, the Record Monza Exhaust upgrades are indeed coming. First as a purchased upgrade for the 2018 Abarth version that would be installed upon hitting the shores of the States (similar to the black matt boot and bonnet painting), and in April for the general masses to purchase as a MOPAR accessory. Estimated cost is $995 USD as the 2018 dealer upgrade, and $895 as a owner purchase part. That’s actually much less than what I had originally been given as a cost. And, for those of you with non-Abarth versions of the 124 Spider who desire a raspier note, the kit comes with instructions on how to mount it on the other Spider variants. Here’s the link to the article:

    It’s great news. I’ll have this just in time for spring, and give my neighbours a whole new reason to hate me again. I’m sure they missed the noise my 500 Abarth made, so this will bring back fond memories. lol


    • Hey Dan,
      I’ve got your AIO pack already, and I’ve done an ivf video before for the 3rd part of the loading animation.
      I can look into it this weekend, and shoot you an email.

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      • That would be great Stef! Cal created a nice one, but it doesn’t work for some reason. I’ve modified the tweak to also install shutdown animation, once we get a working file.

        Would love to see what else you’ve come up with, as well.

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      • Here’s the file:

        A few of the ffmpeg commands that I used to go from ivf->editable mp4->ivf

        ffmpeg -y -i TranLogo.ivf -c:v libx264 -an -crf 1 -hide_banner -strict experimental -tune fastdecode -pix_fmt yuv420p TranLogo.mp4
        ffmpeg -i TranLogo.ivf -vcodec copy -acodec copy TranLogo_copy.ivf
        ffprobe -v error -show_entries stream=width,height,bit_rate,duration -of default=noprint_wrappers=1 TranLogo_copy.ivf
        ffmpeg -y -i ExitLogo.ivf.mp4 -c:v libvpx -b:v 2500k -crf 4 -an ExitLogo.ivf

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      • Yeah, it works, Stef. Great job!
        Any chance you could apply smoothing to interlaced frames and extend the run time to 7 or 8 seconds, instead of 3? It flashes by so quickly.


  13. [UPDATED 10/2/2018]
    Stef has come through with a 6-second version of the ExitLogo.ivf file (THANK YOU STEF!!). I am really pleased with the results, but I hesitate to encourage the addition of shutdown animation, after seeing that the file is 1.51 MB, as the CMU does not have a surplus of memory to begin with and now that Stef has reduced the size of the 6 second file to 754K, I’ve updated an install package with that file.

    For those wanting to bring up a performance monitor while experimenting…

    CPU/MEM/VIP Performance Monitor
    Press & Hold: Music + Back + Mute until the 3-color bar overlay comes up in the right corner of your screen.   You can then operate your Infotainment system and monitor each function’s effect on performance with either that small overlay, or by tapping the overlay, bringing up a semi-transparent full-screen view of the Linux Performance Monitor.

    It is temporary function, so the performance monitors will disappear at the next reboot.

    For anyone (like Cal) that wants to try out installing our new Abarth exit animation regardless, here is a link to the files you will need to copy to the AIO folder on your PC (details are in the Read_Me file) before choosing to install Option [X] tweak.

    As an alternative, the ExitLogo file that Stef posted above is 3 seconds, and half the size of the file contained in the tweak. Lastly, if you wish to undo the Exit animation, yet retain the Bootup animation with the revised scripts, simply replace the ExitLogo file in the choose/config_all/bootanimation/jci/resources folder, with the one in the choose/config_org_all/bootanimation/jci/resources folder (the renamed OrigExitLogo file, which is the factory original file).


    • I can easily decrease the bitrate (and thus quality a little bit) to make the ExitLogo under 1MB.
      Maybe the script can have both, and if AndroidAuto is installed (the biggest memory hog?) then put in the smaller one?
      Also, did you try the TranLogoEnd as well? Haven’t had time to flash it yet. Thanks!

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      • I played the TranLogoEnd file on my PC, and like what you did, but I’ve chosen not to alter my bootup animation. If you get the shutdown animation under 1 MB, then we really wouldn’t need 2 choices 😉

        Anyone wishing to alter their bootup animation with Stef’s TransLogoEnd file, which features a little car racing around the active (red) Main Menu icon button, is able to do so, using my instructions in the Read_Me file in the shutdown animation package as a guide.


    • As much as I would like to try it, I already have challenges with memory management in my vehicle. A couple of months ago, after pairing my phone and setting up the Infotainment system to display incoming text messages on my vehicle’s display, it ceased supporting both USB ports. Previously, I had always been able to insert two USB sticks loaded with music and have them both accessible for playback. Now, I can only get one to be recognized at a time, and it’s not related to which port is being used. A USB stick will work in either port, but only one will be accepted at any point in time. Until I resolve that problem, I can’t risk further experimentation. Nice to know that Stef was able to create a working file though, since we both thought the little scorpion dragging the Abarth keychain was kind of fun.


  14. That is just a image from the web and I’m thinking that red is Firmware and blue is RAM. My blue bar actually climbs to 100% when I insert my USB drive with music.

    I’ve decided that ExitLogoV2.0.8.ivf is perfect – 6 seconds long and only 754K, so that is the file contained in my updated tweak package. Thank you once again!


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