Gracenote® Music database update


When playing music on your Infotainment Center, you may notice the album covers that are displayed corresponding to the current song.  This is one of the features of the Gracenote® database stored in memory.  The 2017 Fiat 124 Spiders are shipped with version 5 of this database which dates back to 2015, so songs released since then will not be recognized, so by updating your database, more songs will be recognized.

Other benefits of updating your database:

  • Because a phonetic database is also included, voice recognition of artist and album names will be improved when searching using the microphone
  • Once music is identified by MusicID, Gracenote® algorithms can transform music into killer playlists organized by similar Genres, Moods and Tempos
  • Logo and Genre database for all known AM, FM and HD radio stations is also updated

HD Radio station album art example (I tweaked the system to enlarge the album art, display current date, compass, altitude, speed, get rid of the red border around the status bar message & display my preferred background)


Version 7 has just been released for the Fiat Connect system (and Mazda Connect).  My North American file (264 MB), took about 10 min to update from the version 5 to 7.  Download:

European version for Europe (UK, Russia, Germany, France, etc)

North American version for US, Mexico and Canada

ADR version (Australian Design Rules) for Australia, NZ, Taiwan, South America, South Africa, Philippines, Thailand, Oceania


Using a USB drive, here are the Windows instructions to update (do not use a Mac computer – files are added to the USB that your Infotainment Center doesn’t like):

1. Insert a FAT 32 formatted USB 2.0 or 3.0 drive into your computer.

2. Download the appropriate gracenotes .up file (from the links above) to the USB drive. Please ensure you have at least 400 megabytes of space remaining and the gracenotes.up file is saved to the top level of file folders on your USB drive.

  • Firefox: After selecting the “click here” link on the website and selecting “Save to Disk,” click “OK,” find the gracenotes .up file in your designated download folder, right-click on the file icon, select “Send To,” and select your USB device by name and/or drive letter in the window to transfer the file.
  • Chrome: After selecting the “click here” link on the website, click “Show in folder” next to the gracenotes .up file name at the bottom of the window, click “Move this file,” locate your USB device by name and/or drive letter in “My Computer,” and click “Move” to transfer the file.
  • IE8/9/10: After selecting the “click here” link on the website, click “Save” in the “File Download” window, select where you will save the gracenotes .up file. It is recommended that you save the gracenotes .up file directly to your USB drive.

3. When the download to the USB drive is complete, safely remove the USB drive from your computer and insert it into your vehicle’s USB port.

4. Select “Settings” on the vehicle’s main display screen.

5. Scroll right and select the “System” tab.

6. Select “Music Database Update”.

7. The system will ask you if you would like to search for an update package for the Music Database on your USB device. Select “Search”.

8. The system shows your current Music Update version and lists updates available on your USB device. Select the newest update.

9. The system displays the version of the Music Update currently installed on your system and asks if you want to install the Music Update version you selected in step 8. Select “Install”.

10. The update may take several moments. Once completed, the system will display that the update was successful and instruct you to acknowledge a reboot.

11. The USB drive can be safely removed from the vehicle port.


11 thoughts on “Gracenote® Music database update

  1. All went as described for the 07 update until the last step. The opportunity to “install update” came with the warning message “System is not fully available.” so I backed out leaving the 05 version intact. What’s that about??


  2. My download (North America) showed as 264 MB, and in the Downloads folder shows as 270,294 KB, if that’s any help. I just tried the link and all seemed fine, so all I can suggest it try downloading it once again. I actually saved to my Downloads folder and then copied to my FAT 32 formatted USB 2.0 drive, contrary to the instructions. I just added the USB 2.0 to the instructions as well, since USB 3.0 may have issues. Sounds like you made a good call aborting, John.

    If you continue to have bad luck, the dealer will update for you when you bring it in, although I believe they use the same method with a USB drive already loaded with the update.


    • Well, I downloaded it several times. Twice to the usb stick (reformatted each time) and once to my computer download folder. File size was exactly the same all three times.The usb stick does use a tiny bit more space as part of the format process. Then I did it all again after accessing from the fiat website rather than the posted direct link. Still the same. Could this possibly be due to lack of sat receiver (Classica) or my paired but well aged flip phone that doesn’t do tunes (it’s not on the “compatible” list but the phone pairs fine except for text messages)?? My previous experience with the local Fiat dealer/studio is that they know less than zero about the Spider Fiat Connect 7″ screen system and are also not interested. (Dealer tech asked me after observing a problem, “Why do you care about this? Why don’t you just use your phone?”)


  3. Gracenote has nothing to do with sat receiver or your phone; it’s just a music database. My vehicle is a Classica too, so I don’t know what to tell you, but leaving your database at version 5 is no big deal, so I would leave it be for a while…


  4. Local tech advice was to ignore the “not fully functional” warning and install the update. So I did and it works fine. I found that some cuts on my iPod were coming up “unknown”. When I connected the player to iTunes via my computer, it turned out that those cuts did not have their data correctly formatted in the iTunes fields. After editing those cuts in iTunes, it’s all good now.

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  5. I installed the “Gracenote® Music database update” on my American version Fiat 124 Lusso. Followed your instruction – I did not have a single problem – a complete success just as you described. Dealer had no knowledge of any updates. Have a great day. Richard

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  6. Did the option D and some others on the latest tweaks version and all worked just fine. also upgraded to 7.0 gracenote and it was successful. I just don’t have any covers showing up on XM or HD FM. maybe it’s not transmitted?


    • Some HD stations do, so you’ll see them eventually. Most HD stations at least transmit their Station ID logo, and that will show up in place of the album. Enjoy the tweaks regardless 😉


      • Radio display in my Classica with touchscreen/HD FM and no sat shows this: I haven’t found an HD station that does not display at least call letters. Most HD channels display song titles & artists (and sometimes album titles) along with album cover art. When art is not available for a song (or non-music content) most HD stations then display station graphics or a photo of the current DJ. If the HD data stream is lost due to distance or obstructions and the radio switches to analog FM (which has a longer distance range), call sign/station name and titles and artists continue (via FM RBDS) but there are never graphics. I’m not sure how Gracenote interacts with radio but any analog FM station equipped with RBDS subcarrier can transmit it’s own text info as well as format and text song info. HD FM adds the ability for stations to transmit their own graphics. (And both analog and HD stations can transmit live traffic data to nav systems via subcarrier. But that’s a different subject since Fiat Connect is not capable of using that.)


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