New map updates are available

Fiat 124

⭐️ Map updates dated December 2018 have been reported to be available!
Map updates dated June 2019 are available!

(at least for North America)
⭐️ Europe maps dated February 2019 are also available!

The prior version maps were dated July 2018, and for those of you that purchased their 2017 Fiat 124 Spiders in the Summer of 2016, this may be the last free map subscription update, unless you can get in on the expected July 2019 map updates.

Procedure for Updating (if you skip backup, should take about 20 minutes)

Step 1. Download & Install Fiat Toolbox via Fiat 124 Spider Connect site.
Step 2. Open Fiat Toolbox and insert SD card into the computer.
Step 3. Create a backup of the information currently on your SD card following the Toolbox prompt.
Step 4. Log in to Fiat Toolbox using your email/password combination.  If it is your first time, you’ll have to create a user profile.
Step 5. Once logged in, a button will appear labeled “Updates” if a map update is available or “Device” if there are no new updates. Click “Updates.”
Step 6. Create a new SD card backup. If you have an alternate Nav SD card, you can skip this step.
Step 7. Click INSTALL to begin map update.  After “Download progress” has reached 100%, “Installation progress” will commence, eventually reaching 100% as well.
Step 8. Once the new backup is compete, eject your SD card and return it to your vehicle.



7 thoughts on “New map updates are available

    • Hi, Just to inform that I have succesfully updated my SD Nav card to the latest version now available for Europe , Jan 2020. The procedure was smoothless, it took 300 mega on the almost full 8 GB card ( from 7100 to 7400Mb). Not yet used but I do not expect huge changes apart from some stret updates that by considering we are receiving an update per yea,r should already be outdated.

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  1. I’ve been updating since 2016 with the Fiat “Toolbox” downloaded from the European Fiat website. I just bought a new 2018 Jaguar XE with an SD card nav system. Since that car was built more than a year earlier, I updated its maps even though Jaguar does not provide free updates for their SD card system. The Jag website does not provide for any kind of “toolbox.” It links to HERE (formerly Navteq and provider of maps). Once I had my “new” Jaguar account set up and completed that update, it was back to the Fiat Toolbox to get the December 2018 update for the Classica. Surprise: my password did not work. Because my Fiat Toolbox password is now the password from the Jag map account. (Footnote: the Jag SD card system uses FM radio for live traffic updates – no subscription required)


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