Resolving Touchscreen Issues


(I can’t imagine anyone actually using this as a screen background)

screenApparently, some Mazda owners have somehow broken their touchscreen displays (after their 3-year warranty has expired), which results in a random rogue behavior of their systems, at least while the vehicle is stopped or under 5 mph.  If the screen looks anything as dramatic as the photo above, I imagine that you would be filing a claim under your vehicle’s insurance policy, rather than your Warranty though.

FYI, replacement part numbers:

  • just the LCD screen itself = Tianma Microelectronics TM070RDZ38
  • just the touchscreen digitizer itself =
    touchscreen pn
  • or you can order the (improved) screen assembly from Mazda ⇑ (part # ND1F-61-1J0B) that plugs into your existing CMU, and although it appears that it may come with a Miata dashboard trim bezel, you can easily substitute your Fiat bezel (which is unique in shape).

Responding to several requests for a tweak to totally disable touch-input capability from the touchscreen allowing them to forego replacement of the Infotainment system, Trezdog44 has written and published (February 2018) a tweak that toggles the touchscreen input function of the display, limiting system inputs to the steering wheel and Commander panel knobs/switches,  along with voice commands.

Although all Fiat 124 Spider owners should currently be covered by their 4-year warranty, I’m publishing this in case there are any owners that might want to totally* disable the touch-input capability of their touchscreen for some other reason that I can’t envision right now.  By copying the files to a FAT32 formatted USB drive and following the normal tweak installation instructions (at your own risk, and if your system is tweakable by USB),

  • it will disable* the input function of an active touchscreen,
  • and if run again, it will re-enable the input function of the disabled touchscreen.


*   One user reported that although this tweak did disable the touchscreen for all factory functions, it didn’t disable the touchscreen while parked/travelling under 5 mph using the Android Auto app.

aha4aiconActually, the best way to disable a defective touchscreen is by unplugging the touchpad connector from the back of the screen itself, as described in forum thread.  

You have to unplug the touchpad connector from the back of the screen itself.  There are videos on youtube how to detach the screen module, under the screen there are 2 connectors. unplug them. then there are 4 Philips screws that holds the screen to the top of the module. Once you have the screen out there are 4 philips scews (small and a little long) two from the back and two from the bottom. This will get you to pull the back cover of the screen out.
Now if you look at the back of the screen, there is a thin film connector colored dark red on orange film at the bottom, gently pull the white clip that holds it and pull the red plastic film cable. This is the touch pad connection of the LCD itself.
at this stage, you can test if you plug back the two connectors under the screen and turn on the car.
Put it back together and here you go!!

Take a mid to large sized jeweler’s screwdriver and remove the 4 small screws holding your screen to the bracket and pull the screen away. Next, use your jeweller’s screwdriver or a toothpick and to what MarzanHB said and pull the white clip at the bottom out and disconnect the red and orange film cable. Put the white clip in but leave the film cable hanging loose.

ash8 put this together for those wanting to reset their CMU, yet they have no touch input:

Use this option if something goes wrong during Firmware Updating
and or you have an unresponsive black or blank touch-screen,
this will not work if you already have Bricked the CMU.
IF you can hear radio still on this ‘may’ work.
Put car into Amber ‘ACC’ Light ON (Accessory Mode)Do Not
Start Engine.
Wait 30 seconds for Connect to settle as you cannot see the touchscreen as it is blank or black.
Perform these setting inputs *below precisely as you are
flying blind..
IF you make an input error you must turn off ACC system and
power down car SLEEP CMU below and do #1 to #3, and then
repeat BLIND setting input process *again.
*PRESS “Home Button” above Commander Knob ONCE.
*TURN Silver Command Wheel 2 clicks to the Right.
*PRESS Down on Commander Black Knob ONCE.
*SLIDE-PUSH move Commander Knob 6 times to the Right.
*TURN Silver Command Wheel 5 clicks to the Right.
*PRESS Down on Commander Black Knob ONCE.
*TURN Silver Command Wheel 1 click to the Right.
*PRESS Down on Commander Black Knob ONCE.
After a while the loading of screen and FIAT/ABARTH logo should occur.
If Black Touch-Screen continues you may need your CMU
hardware repaired or replaced.
A normal system boots up automatically by itself when car is on
ACC or started.
The above Factory Reset can also be done via Touch-Screen if
it is working OK (not Black). Also recommend this Factory Reset IF
you have other issues AFTER ANY Firmware UPDATE.

Put the CMU into a sleep condition this way…..
1. Roll up all windows, SHUT hood/bonnet and boot/trunk/hatch.
2. Set ACC Ignition OFF, exit car, SHUT and then LOCK all doors.
3. Walkaway over 5 metres with all Keys/Openers and wait for 6
minutes, after this period all stand-by info in cache is erased.
4. Return to and Enter car, first Install SD Card and THEN
put Ignition to ACC mode and verify ‘Invalid SD Card’ has gone or
your other issues are gone.
5. Be aware that sometimes your cars location can disrupt ‘GPS
Signal’, like car is locked in steel garage, or next to tall building or
overhead high-power lines, move car into open space.

Don’t confuse this tweak with the normal “touchscreen tweak“, which among other things, actually enables touch-input capability from the touchscreen, while the car is moving at any speed.

5 thoughts on “Resolving Touchscreen Issues

  1. I wonder if the extended warranty program covers this beyond the basic 4 year warranty period. Something I need to follow up on… I pray I never have to disable the system, and heaven knows what the cost would be for an infotainment unit replacement and all that might entail (things like how the navigation chip would register to the replacement system).


  2. Other than some form of accident, it’s hard to imagine what would cause the screen to crack, which is the usual reason the touchscreen input function misbehaves. Accidents would be covered by insurance in most cases, but I agree Cal – hope I never need to use this tweak either.

    P.S. They have been known to start delaminating at the edges/corners though.


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