Exclusive Tweak ~ An Abarth Shutdown Animation


aha4aiconAfter taking notice of these last few seconds of an Abarth commercial for the Record Monza Exhaust, where a scorpion is crawling away with an Abarth key ring, I thought to myself, “that would make an amusing animation to display on our Infotainment system as the engine is switched off”.  After putting out a suggestion that someone convert that portion of the video to an ivf file, Stefan Ipate stepped up and created a few versions.  I’ve selected a 6-second version that is relatively small at 753 KB (significantly smaller than the Abarth bootup animation), and have included it, along with scripts to modify the Option [X] – Install Abarth Bootup animation tweak in my AIO 1.51Fiat_d Updates Folder, that a few of you might wish to add to your system:

  • Copy the revised 20i.txt and 20d.txt files into the choose folder of the AIO package on your PC.
  • Copy the ExitLogo.ivf file into the choose/config_all/bootanimation/jci/resources folder of the AIO package on your PC
  • Copy the OrigExitLogo.ivf file into the choose/config_org_all/bootanimation/jci/resources folder of the AIO package on your PC (renaming it ExitLogo.ivf afterwards)
  • and reinstall the tweak

There are a couple of other minor updates to my AIO Tweaks in the Folder link , as well.  See the Read_Me.txt file for details.

Note: I am currently not running any memory intensive apps, so installing the additional file has had no negative effect on my system.  However, if you have installed (or plan to install) app(s) like Android Auto (or perhaps even Speedometer?), there is a possibility that performance might suffer from obligating an additional 750 KB of memory, requiring you to revert back to the original ExitLogo file…

animation file sizes

Which brings up another point – if you are going to install the CarPlay/Android Auto retrofit kit, it might very helpful to not only forego this exit animation, but the bootup TranLogo animation as well (if it hasn’t already been eliminated in version 70 firmware), as the CarPlay & Android Auto programs will pretty much use up all of the spare RAM in your CMU.  Or consider freeing up memory, by installing another tweak I wrote, which will then allow you to install apps and boot/exit animations.

If you wish to substitute Mazda boot and exit animation with Fiat or Abarth animation, see my new tweaks written to do just that.

The TranLogoEnd.ivf is only 161 KB, which is basically the 5 home-screen main-menu buttons on the original background (as shown below), and if space is a concern, it precludes the need for TranLogo.ivf., which can be substituted with TranLogoEnd.ivf  (and renamed), or simply deleted.


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