Adding the CD Player

CD player

It seems there are a few 124 Spider owners that wish to rectify the omission of the CD player, and so I thought I would write a short article on the subject.  I am not considering this project for myself however.

Fiat chose to omit the CD players in all 124 Spiders, in return for a deeper storage cubby, even though Mazda has decided to continue installing them in the MX-5 until MY 2019, at least in some regions like North America and Europe.  Apparently, the same wiring harnesses are used, so if you’ve got a Bose package, the wiring for the CD player will be there (MY 2017 + MY 2018 only*), as evidenced by the notation “CD player prep” on your options list.  I’m not familiar as to what else is included with the prep package (brackets?).  If you have the Technology package in the Classica model as I do (no Bose), I’m not sure if the CD wiring is included or not.

If you do make the decision to install a Mazda CD player, you would need to order the appropriate interior cubby compartment trim, to finish it off correctly.  The parts department should be able to inform you whether the necessary mounting brackets are provided (or required) with the CD player unit.  And of course, you would need to remove the  positive battery harness prior to the installation (standard procedure for any electrical work) so that the CMU will recognize the addition of the CD player when the battery is reconnected.

⇓  I doubt that you would have to tear down the vehicle quite this far in order to install the CD player. but the photo gives you a good idea of the brackets involved.  If so desired, there is a possibility that a small subwoofer could be installed in the passenger-side void as well. Click on the photo to enlarge further.


CD playback

  • When the CMU receives the operation signal/detects the switch operation, it sends (1) the control signal to the TAU. In addition, the control signal is sent (1) to the CD player.
  • When the CD player receives the control signal, it sends (2) music information such as the album name and artist name of the inserted CD to the CMU, and it sends (2) the audio signal to the TAU.
  • The CMU converts the received music information signal to a LVDS signal and sends (3) it to the center display. The TAU sends (3) the received audio signal to the speakers.
  • The center display indicates (4) the music information signal based on the LVDS signal. In addition, the speakers output (4) the audio based on the received audio signal.



* [UPDATED 12/5/2020]

4 thoughts on “Adding the CD Player

  1. Has anyone been successful retrofitting the 7″ display along with the rear camera viewing ability in a classica pf which came without? Seems the wiring harnesses would already be there and just a matter of obtaining the parts. The console dial, screen, DIN sized electronics box behind the 7 inch screen and the camera in the trunk lip. Is this possible or are the wiring harneses incomparable lacking the needed wiring?? Or….has anyone come up.with a way to install a single din or double din head unit in place of the 3″ or 7″ screens in the Fiat 124 dash or MX 5 for that matter? Seems all someone would have to do is come up with finishing trim around whatever head unit used. I guess just a matter of time needing to allow time for the aftermarket to respond to the new mechanicals in the new style Miata and Spider 124.


  2. Do they make single or double din headunits that allow you to mount the front facia with all the controls and buttons remotely? It’s a shame these cars are no longer aftermarket friendly.either rear up.the center of your brand new dash, lose a vent in process and until a trim kit is offered it will look like your teenage son brilliant as he is, all will work but will look like a half completed mess. I love these cars but taking away the ability for us do it yourselfers and the aftermarket to upgrade and better what OEM components exist which are midiocure at best. Used to be you had a din or double din standard and the sky was the limit. Please tell me I’m wrong. I’m coming from owning 6 Miatas and a new 124 spider among other cars like BMW, AUDIS, VW Porsches etc. Looks like at least a stand alone powered subwoofer should be able to fit behind rollbar trim. Why did Mazda ignore this area I dunno, other than weight savings, but if that were the case where is my aluminum and stainless steel Fiat & MX5 Miata body parts, weight saving battery etc.etc. still could have saved a tone of weight on these cars. No aluminum hood like the original Miata and how heavy is that rear trunk lid?? Ok I’m getting off topic. Poops sorry.


    • Not sure what you’re getting at, but the hood and trunk lid are aluminum and you can read about installing a subwoofer behind the driver’s seat here..


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