Door Locks

2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth Convertible

Based on many discussions I’ve been reading in various forums, there is a lot of clarification that Fiat (and Mazda) could have provided in the Owner’s manual to help owners of 124 Spiders (and MX-5s) better understand many of the convenience features, including the door locks.  I’ve already discussed some of the others like power windows, Infotainment display brightness and Navigation.

To start off, the 124 Spider Owner’s manual regarding personalization options of the Door Locks, Keyless Entry and Advanced Keyless Entry (AKE) are difficult to read, especially the  Available Settings column.  Considering that Fiat had Mazda’s manual to refer to, I am baffled as to why the manual isn’t written better.  I’ve also observed that the unlocking doors menu option is also missing for both Keyless Entry and AKE.

⇓  Here is a reworked version of that page with my additions/revisions in bold.


Note:  All doors includes the fuel door

Adaptive Menus

If having a manual transmission triggers the available menu options in the same manner as having the installed options in the vehicle, then you probably aren’t presented with any meaningless menu options for door locks.  In support of this:

  • I don’t have Auto-Wipers nor Blind Spot monitoring, and as expected, I am not presented with any menus to change the operability of Auto-Wipers or the BSM warning beep volume.
  • I have an automatic with electric door locks, and I am presented with a menu to choose among all of the shown options.
  • I have Advanced Keyless Entry, and I am presented with a menu to choose among all of the shown options.
  • For those in Europe and ADR (Australia, NZ, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa-America, Oceania regions), apparently they don’t have electric door locks and that explains why they question the ability to see the Door Lock menu options.

Time for Re-locking Doors

This refers to the time allotted after unlocking the vehicle, whereby if you haven’t entered the vehicle, the doors are automatically locked again.

Walkaway feature    (#walkaway)

There are many issues in regards to the Walkaway feature that in my opinion favor disabling that option (see illustration above ⇑):

  • If the car is left running with the key fob inside, there is a good possibility you may confuse the system ( and be locked out).
  • If the driver closes their door and walks away prior to the passenger getting out and closing their door properly, the vehicle may unintentionally remain unlocked.
  • If you need to walk around the vehicle to access the other door or your trunk, you’ll find that your vehicle has already locked itself by the time you get there.
  • If you have RHD, your doors may lock while you walk around to the left side to open the fuel door at the gas station to refuel.
  • I question whether the factory setting is OFF in later model years, as stated in the manual, based on so many reports of owners asking how they can deactivate this option.
  • If your significant other also has a key on his/her person, the system will get confused and likely not behave as you expect.
  • Valet attendants may do untypical things with the key fob that may also confuse the system.

Making changes using the Infotainment system

From the Home screen, select the Settings icon
Scroll to the Vehicle section
Select the item to be Personalized
Important:  Ignition switch must be ON (not Accessory mode)


⇓  Here are my preferences regarding Door Locks and AKE:



For a complete list of Personalization options, click here.

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