Floor Mats / “Slush” Mats


I was on my way to the WeatherTech factory outlet in Bolingbrook, Illinois back in November to check out their 2016 MX-5 (at that time they didn’t have mats listed for the 2017 124 Spider) “All Weather” mats, when I thought I’d first check out the Mopar accessory mats at my Fiat dealer, and since I was impressed with the quality, fit and price, I purchased them instead. They were half the regular price of the WeatherTech mats, although since I never made it to the factory outlet, I’m not sure what the discounted (if any) price would have been.  Anyways, I paid less than $64 for the official 124 Spider mats with my Mopar discount, and you should be able to get close to this price at some of the online sites selling Mopar accessories.

In my opinion, the 124 Spider All-Weather Mats (Mopar p/n 82215026; referred to as Slush mats in their catalog) with the official Fiat logo molded in, have more weight to them and actually fit better than the OEM carpet mats, which since they are so light-weight, aren’t expected to wear very well and don’t even lay down flat.   Like the WeatherTech mats, the Mopar mats won’t shift around due to the 2 grommets molded into each mat that snugly mate with the retaining posts used by the factory mats, so there’s no chance that the mats will interfere with the pedals like generic mats have a tendency to do.


Unlike the factory mats that came with my Honda which were cumbersome to remove and install because of the hook design in the retaining posts, the Mazda design is very user friendly on car wash days when you decide to remove the mats for a good spray down.  The retaining posts (my term;  Mazda actually calls them mat hooks) remind me of a plastic version of “Lift-The-Dot” fasteners used in canvas shops.


⇓  The Mopar mats are very easy to clean, as shown here after a spray & wipe (I didn’t wait for the mat to dry off completely before taking a pic)…


⇓  After I bought my mats, Madness Autoworks posted a photo of  3D MAXPIDER’s mats that they offer, which are also very nice looking.


⇓  In October 2017, I see that Madness Autoworks has come out with yet another “Deluxe” version of mats for the Spider, which also are very nice looking, and at $64.95 are a pretty good buy.

deluxe floor mats

⇓  For comparison, here is a WeatherTech mat (courtesy of Bobby Campbell)


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