Kid’s version of the 124 Spider


goaterguy pointed this out on the site, and I thought it was cool enough to do a promotional blurb on it myself.  These “toys” are available in red, white, black and blue and since MossMiata already carries the Bburago die-cast 1:24 scale versions of our cars (I’ve got the grey one), maybe they (or another of our great 124 Spider aftermarket parts vendors) could be convinced to carry this line as well 😉 😉 😉

  • I like that red accelerator pedal – I wonder if it has a hidden “sport” mode
  • There is some evidence of poor copy/paste on this site, but English probably isn’t their primary language.  (Audi listed as the brand name?  2.4G R/C with three speeds, etc.)
  • I guess they do copy everything in China, yet I think whoever designed this thing, did a pretty good job!


2 thoughts on “Kid’s version of the 124 Spider

  1. Nice, now I want one for *cough* my nephew 😉

    Apart from the two 1:24 die-cast models (Bburago), there are also several 1:43 versions.
    – red, white and black Abarths from TrueScale Miniatures. The price it quite hefty with ~USD80, and the black version seems to be sold out here.
    – red, white and several rally Abarths from IXO. Value for money is much better on these.

    Also there has been an 1:18 Abarth in red by TopSpeed Models, although the initial batch came with wrong tyres (sidewall is way too high). For a while they also listed a white Abarth but its release was pushed back several times for two years or so and was eventually canceled.

    Oh, I should also probably mention the two Tomica Abarths (white and rally) sold by Takara Tomy.

    Here you can have a look at the models currently available on the german market.

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