No, this Mole version is NOT the 2020 model

ORIGINAL ARTICLE TITLE: Is this what the 2020 model will look like?

2020 124 Spider

photo courtesy of Simone Bonino

Simone apparently caught a good glimpse of this Turin, Italy today, and the first thing that comes to mind – is this a sneak-peek at a 2020 model, or is it simply someone’s customized car?

Differences observed from photo:

  • Grille design with emblem mounted on it, rather than on the top fascia surface
  • no indent for emblem on fascia
  • ridge line up the middle, including hood (which also has no power bumps)
  • turn signals look different
  • white leather option, including steering wheel
  • white convertible top

What I like best, is that blue!

[UPDATE] Sorry everybody, apparently, UP Designs customized a vehicle for a client, naming it Fiat 124 Mole Costruzione Artigianale 001.   It debuted at the 2018 Turin Auto Show, and I think I can assuredly state that it will never be duplicated at the factory.  


4 thoughts on “No, this Mole version is NOT the 2020 model

  1. Don’t like the absence of what I think you’re calling the power bumps on the hood…the bumps have been part of the distinctive, beautiful design, elemental to the Spider’s overall look in my opinion.


    • I think power bumps is the term normally used, but I agree Stephen. The first thought I had about the hood, was that they used the MX-5 hood and added a crease.

      I didn’t know if I should’ve just deleted the article once I discovered that isn’t a 2020 model after all, but it remains as a topic for discussion 😉


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