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ameridan’s   RADIO  SILENCER

FIAT® 124 SPIDERS  with FIAT CONNECT 7.0 Infotainment Systems


… can also be used in
All Mazda® vehicles with 
MAZDA CONNECT 7.0 Infotainment Systems


Since a primary function of the CMU (Connectivity Master Unit) is apparently to serve as a go-between device linking HS-CAN and MS-CAN protocols within the vehicle, there is no power switch.  If your vehicle doesn’t have the 7″ touchscreen though, there is no CMU, so I gather that it isn’t necessarily a required go-between, but it does provide for a convenient interface to personalize many preferences, rather than having to go to the dealer to alter default settings for you.

To the typical driver looking at the display of their “tablet” radio though, that purpose and function is probably unknown, and begs the question…

“Where’s the switch to turn the radio off?”

am radio

Since no option currently exists to turn the “radio” off, other than muting the audio system, I’ve come up with an inexpensive hardware alternative.

Introducing Ameridan’s Radio Silencer:

  • no surprise FM music when transitioning in/out of Bluetooth audio or Android Auto / CarPlay modes, especially as you shutdown/restart your vehicle
  • allowing you to leave volume level alone to experience normal audio behavior of all other audio phone calls and messages (navigation guidance announcements have their own volume setting)
  • no huge “Mute” icon obliterating your screen, resulting in the entertainment menus being inaccessible until canceled
  • rather than turning the volume down to zero while a radio station is tuned in, with the station’s ID, advertisements, song titles and perhaps even album art constantly changing, enjoy your background image in the AUX screen mode instead


  1. Unless you wish to use the AUX input as an actual audio source, simply plug Ameridan’s Radio Silencer into your AUX jack and leave it there (it is minimal in size and there are no wires attached to clutter up your cockpit and get tangled with your USB cable(s), and the black color blends in well with your USB / AUX ports panel).
  2. Whenever you want your radio off, simply select AUX as your audio source. Besides using either the Commander knob or the touch screen, you can invoke the selection using voice command by saying “Ox” or “Play Ox” (interpreted as Aux) or “Play Auxiliary” or “Go to Aux”.  The AUX setting will remain, even after shutting down your vehicle and restarting, until you select another audio source, as long as you leave Ameridan’s Radio Silencer plugged in.

NOTE: If you have your phone paired via Bluetooth for listening to music, it will override your selected audio source if within range and powered on – until it becomes un-paired, when your system will return to your previously selected audio source.  If you have selected AUX in conjunction with Ameridan’s Radio Silencer,  the only audio you will hear are your navigation guidance announcements (providing you’ve entered a destination).



Although I’ve had a link here for almost 3 years, giving
these away to U.S. readers as thanks to donations to my
coffee fund, after going through my initial order of 500
pieces, I’ve decided not to order another bulk lot of
these 3.5 mm audio plugs.

la dolce vita

“the good life”



If you are just becoming familiar with your 124 Spider, you might consider reading my introductory article, to get the best experience during your first drives – Pre-delivery Reminders.

Also, be sure to check out my tweaks page for other ways to improve your experience with your Infotainment Center, my control buttons blog page for more on the Commander interface panel, and my navigation blog page for more on adding/using that option to your Infotainment Center.

12 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • hey! This all looks fantastic. Yesterday I picked up my Abarth 124, installed a £80 sat nav SD chip (that works, saving £400) and now I am going to tweak the Infotainment.

      Thanks again for the hard work.



  1. I am grateful that someone is trying to help us “navigate” these issues–I love the car, but certainly finding some design flaws –I can’t get my dealer to furnish an XM fin satellite –they say that they aren’t available for the 124 spider.

    I have the LUSSO . I have made my $5 donation and look forward to receiving your Radio Silencer 🙂 I am a little nervous about the tweaks, but am annoyed enough that i might give them a whirl.

    sue cook


    • Thanks Sue. It sounds like you have a Lusso without the “Premium Collection with Sirius” package (which saved you $3800), and the dealer is right – you can’t just add a shark-fin antenna to get XM as the entire package of Bose add-ons like the extra amplifier, speakers and associated wiring harnesses are also required. You have the same system as I do, and I personally think that the non-Bose system sounds better anyways. You have plenty of other options to supplement your fun driving with music.

      Just do one simple tweak to start and get comfortable with the process 😉


  2. A potential work-around that provides you with your Sirius/XM access… If you have XM set up on your smartphone (iOS or Android), you should be able to BT sync your device to the vehicle’s infotainment system and have your XM broadcast via your car’s existing sound system. Alternately, you could also patch it in using a DIN cable in the audio in jack for the system. The downside is that managing the XM system itself while driving might be difficult to accomplish in a safe and prudent manner (kind of like texting, but worse). As your system is the same as Dan’s, he’ll correct me if I’m out to lunch on what I’ve described.


    • Thanks, yes I’ve done the BT and that was why i was looking for wired in — especially where i live and the trips I take the satellite is pretty handy. I appreciated the info about the bose and harness prerequisite –that at least makes it easier to understand.


  3. Sue, according to radio-locator.com,

    There are 55 radio stations that may be within distant listening range of
    Boise, Idaho

    so there must be something you like 😉 (only one classic rock?)

    Also, just throwing out an “old school” idea – record 2 or 3 hours of a XM session onto a thumbdrive and when it gets “stale”, rerecord 😉
    or are your trips daily?


    • old school works –good idea, but my music taste is pretty eclectic and i don’t listen to the same genre continuously ; i have tons of thumb drive music –it’s the randomness and choice that xm brings – i have Pandora, but it’s thru my phone, so if i go out of cell range i’m out of luck- it’s the principal of the thing is all, just seems silly that i can’t add that without all this rigamarole 🙂 –i live in Idaho and our cell reception out of town is spotty. and it’s a long drive to any destination—i do appreciate your comments and love the blog!


    • Hi Betty,

      I got a PM from Terry in the UK as well today also asking for a radio silencer. Unfortunately, it seems a rather difficult chore to send items from the US. The U.S. customs forms (4 pages) are 6″ x 8″, which are larger than the envelopes I bought to ship the silencer plug, so I would have to buy another batch of larger padded envelopes…

      However, I did find a merchant on ebay.co.uk selling what appears to be the same item (3.5 mm audio plug) for £0.99 here (there may be others as well), and suggest that as a cost-effective alternative.

      I find it amazing as to how inexpensively and hassle-free China & Hong Kong merchants can ship items around the world. The policies that the Universal Postal Union have kept in place is precisely the reason that Radio Shack and so many other ‘brick + mortar’ electronics and hobby stores have gone out of business. Also, their customs form is a simple little 2″ x 3″ sticker that can be printed and attached as easily as the postage.


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