Custom satin aluminum sill plates are available (sold as a pair)!

sill plate

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Peter T is a member of  124 Spider Italia, as well as Abarth Club Como (Lake Como, Italy!!!), and they had a fantastic cruise this past weekend, even though it rained.  However because of the rain, fewer participants than expected showed up, consequently resulting in extra sill plates that were produced for the occasion as a goodie-bag gift for each vehicle.  Peter has offered for his club to make them available to my blog readers on a first-come, first-served basis via this link for €40 shipped in Europe / or approximately $50 shipped to USA, should anyone be interested.

abarth club como

The “124 spider” logo (along with Italian colors) has been printed onto the satin-finish aluminum, and then a clear coat has been applied for scratch protection, resulting in a very attractive, anti-scuff, customized door sill.

sill plate installed

There is a beveled surface (not an indent 😉 ) molded into the sills that appears to have been intended for the addition of an emblem in premium versions of the Miata, and these sill plates are designed to mock those in proud Italian fashion for our variant.


Francesco Ulivieri, you’ve done a great job producing these!  Grazie!

italian flag

I found a thread recommending a nylon Brillo pad & cooktop cleaner (and then rubbing alcohol) to clean up the scuffs on your sills and prepare the surface for good adhesion, but use whatever works for you.

sill cleaning

photo + advice courtesy of chin

As long as the sills are cleaned well beforehand, I am convinced that a high-quality 2-sided tape (such as 3M brand) should provide an adequate, permanent bond for the sill plates, but if you want to insure the strongest bond possible, consider using the industry-standard Adhesion Promoter 4298 wipe.  I didn’t perform this extra step, and yet I am very pleased with the results.

3M adh promoter13M adh promoter2


Stuart Burgess has made a pdf file available, that presumably is to be used with a vinyl printer, to print labels that cover the printing on Miata ND sill plates, should you choose to go that route.

45 thoughts on “Custom satin aluminum sill plates are available (sold as a pair)!

  1. By the way…my Abarth does not have any indentations in the sill plates. Looks to me as though they just adhesive on on top of the sill plate. I don’t think they are thick enough to interfere with the door closing even if they go on top of the existing sill plates. I guess I’ll see when they come in.


  2. They sit ‘on top’ of the door sill. With indent I meant the part that is bevelled (inclined diagonally) towards the inside of the car. Actually the part you can see on the inside of the doorsill when sitting inside with the door closed.

    Inviato da Peter

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    • I guess you could install them there as an alternative, but typically they face outward on the outboard surface to greet you as you open the door, as shown in the bottom photos. I’m wondering which surface is more prone to scuffs 😉


  3. Really great job!
    Also put my application down. Planning to put them on-top the carbon sill covers, hope that there is still enough space left ^^


  4. Does anyone have any pics of these mounted on the beveled portion of the door sill with the lettering facing in? I’ve got some on order and am debating in vs. out. Thanks in advance.


    • That might be Peter 😉 Now that I ponder the choices, it would seem that scuffing is more likely to occur on that inboard surface vs. the outboard, but the industry standard (even for floor mats) is to greet you from the outside.


  5. Hi guys!
    I’m really happy that you like the sill plate.
    So please, let me know if your package is arrived!
    Don’t answer this post, but by email here:
    Last note:
    I found a faster and more traceable shipping method, but I have to increase the costs a little bit.
    45 euro shipped to USA and 40 euro shipped to EU.
    Many thanks and greetings from Florence, Tuscany, Italy

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  6. Just now received the sill plates. They are beautiful, really nice quality, and well worth the wait.
    Francesco was very responsive and although they were post marked in Italia on May 31, they were not delivered to Seattle, WA USA until July 27. Still, I am so glad I was able to take advantage of this great offer. Thank you Francesco!

    – Now has anyone looked into utilizing the stainless steel structure from the Miata launch edition, shown in the image above?

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  7. I received mine last week and already fitted them. They are great, just the little extra touch of class I was looking for. Thanks Francesco.



  8. Hallo Francesco, ich besitze einen Spider 124 Abarth, hätte Interesse an deine Einstiegsleisten gruss aus Deutschland , Wuppertal

    Hello Francesco, I own a Spider 124 Abarth, would be interested in your door sill greetings from Germany, Wuppertal


    • James,

      It might be better to offer to trade the sill panels with the adhered sill plates intact, as I foresee a difficult task in removing all of the adhesive off of both the sill panels, as well as the backside of the sill plates, in preparation for reuse (or simply leaving them for the new owner 😉 ).


  9. Received before Christmas, look good well made, add a touch of class to a bit of flat Mazda plastic, like the way it just says “124 Spider” the car has enough Abarth logos.
    Next thing to replace – the MX5 wind deflector (in between the headrests), a clear perspex one with a Scorpion etched / engraved into it would be classy? any suggestions?

    Great communication Thank you Francesco,

    All the best


    • Unfortunately, no – hence the sold out banner…
      Yes, they fit the Lusso nicely, unless there is some other emblem affixed that I don’t know about.


  10. Hello, I just ordered a set of plates from Francesco – they are available again!
    March 2020

    [added by ameridan ~~ Until I see some type of confirmation, I’ll leave the sold-out banner in-place, but meanwhile, let’s see if Francesco accepts more orders.]

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    • Update: The plates arrived already today – in beautiful condition, professionally shipped! Great work, Francesco!
      They are available again so please take off the “Sold Out” banner!

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    • I got my 124 Spider sill plates yesterday for my Abarth. They are going to look absolutely fantastic in adding just a touch more understated class to my little roadster. Fantastic job to Team Francesco!

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  11. I see that Francesco has produced another batch to satisfy the continued requests, and the link in my article is still good. The prices listed in that link are up-to-date, and may be higher than what I’ve published. Everyone, including myself, is very pleased with the quality and function of his sill plates!!


  12. Hi I am Francesco Ulivieri, italian prersident of “124 Spider Italia” italian group and the producer of the door sill plates in object in this thread. I’m very happy that you like my product. I sold it a lot worldwide.
    I this moment, I haven’t any new door sil plates available, and I really think I’ve never will do it again:
    Too much work…I made it for passion and not for money…
    (I’m Pharmacist and I work for a US Pharma Company in Leukemia market here in Italy).
    I have some couples that I consider “seconds” ‘cos there are little scratches, here and there, and I put out from sell. Anyway, I can sell it if you are interested in saving money, let me know.
    I can send you pictures and short video about these “seconds”, so you can see if they are “enough ok” for you.
    Send me a mail here:


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