70th Anniversary Edition


photos courtesy of Miłosz Woźniak


Logo_124GTFor those wanting to learn more about the 70th Anniversary Edition of the 2019 Abarth 124 GT that will soon be available, I refer you to read my Abarth 124 GT article, which gets into the particulars, but the primary goodies will be:

  • the great looking new commemorative fender badges (gotta’ get the Mopar part number for these!)
  • the stunning 35-pound carbon-fiber composite lined hardtop with Abarth branded, heated glass rear window that were produced exclusively for this model
  • OZs great looking black aluminum alloy wheels that were also produced exclusively for this model, are 17″ x 7″, matte black, 12 spokes, ET 45 mm , 15.18 lbs. w/o TPMS sensor
  • the Record Monza exhaust
  • and gun-metal mirror caps, along with a matching gun-metal splitter

The day after I  published this article, I learned that there will also be a 70th Anniversary Edition of the Abarth 124 Spider, that will feature the Record Monza exhaust and gun metal bits, and will obviously, also be somewhat more affordable.

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