Dashboard Warning/Indicator Lights + Trouble Codes Assistance


Ed Maverik asked what you should do when the Check Engine Light (COL) comes on, as he called to make an appointment with his dealer right away without any clues as to what may have triggered the light.

One option that those of us with the Infotainment Center have, is to go to the Applications Menu and bring up the Warning Guidance Warnings app whenever any * warning light turns on or flashes.  This should bring up a descriptive screen describing somewhat as to the cause, so that you might save yourself the inconvenience and expense of visiting the dealer.  Also, if the message isn’t helpful enough, don’t forget that sometimes it may be more convenient (and FREE) to get the precise COL trouble code using a diagnostic scanner via your OBDII connector (same connector your dealer uses) at your local auto parts store.

Or for around $9, you can get your own Bluetooth OBDII scanner that interfaces with an Android app that will give you access to so much more data that you can display as gauges on your phone/tablet screen, or perhaps even cast onto your Infotainment screen.  I’ve ordered one and I’m writing a detailed account of this in a separate blog as I learn more…


Anyways, back to Ed’s question, the reason for the COL could be something as simple as not tightening the gas cap until it ratchets, although I believe a separate Check Fuel Cap Warning light is supposed to also be displayed for that condition.

*  The Warning Guidance Warnings app provides more details in conjunction with the following warning/indicator lights according to the Owner’s Manual (see Mazda’s generic diagrams below for help in identifying the various lights):

  • Master Warning Light
  • Brake System Warning Light
  • ABS Warning Light
  • Charging System Warning Light
  • Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light
  • Electric Throttle Warning Light
  • Cold Start Warning Light
  • Check Engine Warning Light
  • Coolant Temperature Warning Light
  • Automatic Transmission Warning Light
  • Power Steering Malfunction Indicator Light
  • Air Bag/Seat Belt Pretensioner System Warning Light
  • Check Fuel Cap Warning Light
  • Low Fuel Warning Light
  • Seat Belt Warning Light
  • Door Ajar Warning Light
  • Low Washer Fluid Level Warning Light
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light
  • KEY Warning Light
  • LED Headlight Warning Light
  • BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring) OFF Indicator Light
  • Perform Maintenance (wrench) Indicator Light
  • TCS/DSC Indicator Light
  • DSC OFF Indicator Light
  • Security Indicator Light
  • Passenger Air Bag Deactivation Warning Light







2 thoughts on “Dashboard Warning/Indicator Lights + Trouble Codes Assistance

  1. Hello,

    Is it normal for the Security Alarm System dashboard light to blink continually while the car is off and the doors unlocked? I never noticed it blinking before with the door unlocked. I understand locking the vehicle with the key FOB activates it…but why does it continue to blink even with the doors unlocked w the FOB. it stops blinking when the vehicle is turned on.
    Any response would be much appreciated.


  2. It’s the Security Indicator Light (not Security Alarm Light) and it is supposed to blink ALL of the time while the ignition is off to indicate that the factory immobilizer system is active, along with whichever alarm system is installed (basic or volumetric), if both doors are locked as well.


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