Update for Date-to-Statusbar Tweak

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[UPDATED 11/11/2018]
A few readers have written to me that the Date-to-Statusbar tweak either didn’t display the date as expected, or the white text was hard to read in light background screens (like the Navigation screen), to easily read the displayed contents (perhaps they chose version 2.3).  If you are happy with your statusbar display, don’t feel compelled to install this tweak update, but it’s available for those that might desire the changes.

Specifically, these are the mods contained in the tweak [G] update:

  1. Displays the date in the localized date format (DD MMM for much of the world) using version 3.3 mod.
  2. Dark 80% opaque statusbar background to facilitate reading, unlike the version 2.3, which I’ve noticed is a light grey in Navigation screen.
  3. Disabled the (ugly, IMO) red border around area reserved for system messages, as did version 2.2 and 2.3 mods.
  4. Smaller font size for all statusbar text, as did version 2.2 and 2.3 mods, along with smaller, relocated icons for paired phone (WiFi, Bluetooth, battery level, etc).
  5. FFFF00





    Gold font for system messages, to highlight them for the driver, relative to the white font of normal statusbar text.
    (ffdd00; rather than previously selected bright yellow (ffff00), to coordinate with HD info)

I used MZD-AIO version 2.8.2 to compile this update (updated 11/11/2018 to work with version 59 & version 70 firmware as well), and by making a copy of my USB installation drive containing the tweak, it turns out to be an easy means of making this install available to others.


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  • Andrea L. has confirmed that the date is now properly displayed on his Italian system with this update
  • Guido B. appreciated that the statusbar background is now dark (with 20% transparency), similar to the Fiat-AIO updated version 2.2 install
  • along with others, I myself like this update better, primarily for the yellow font, as messages like upcoming street names catch my eye better (if I’m seeking that info)


Compatible with the following versions of our Fiat firmware:

  • 56.00.521-NA (for Fiats in North America, USA, Canada, Mexico)
  • 56.00.521-EU (for Fiats in Europe, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia. etc.)
  • 56.00.530-EU (for Abarths in Europe, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia. etc.)
  • 56.00.530-4A (for Abarths in Australia, NZ, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa-America, Oceania)
  • 56.00.530-NA (for early 2018 Fiats in North America, USA, Canada, Mexico)
  • 56.00.530-EU (for 2018 Fiats in Europe, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia. etc.)
  • also version 59+, as well as the Mazda version 70+ (for those installing CarPlay retrofit kit), if you have the id7 tweak installed

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the USB tweak (only click the light green download button for the zip file), and Unzip the contents of the downloaded file onto an empty FAT32 formatted USB 2.0 or 3.0 drive (not larger than 32GB).
  2. Insert the USB drive into your car USB port.
  3. Tap your Start button once (without touching the brake pedal) to put the car in ACC mode.
  4. Be patient and wait for the first message (could take as long as 5 or 6 minutes), acknowledge the OS version message (using the touchscreen) and wait while the progress messages scroll by.
  5. A  reboot message should appear. After the screen turns black (system reboot), pull out your USB drive and…
  6. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Update for Date-to-Statusbar Tweak

  1. hello is update fond Yellow font for system messages ; no Dark 80% opaque statusbar background ?
    accept now update or yellon fond ok; no dark 80 %?



      • francois, the links you provided for an example photo were no good, but anyways, if you want to customize differently, just use MZD-AIO @ https://mazdatweaks.com/ as a few of the tweaks are compatible with Fiat firmware.

        I did update my tweak on 11/11/2018, and changed the font color from bright yellow to gold, along with changing the opaqueness from 90% to 80%, so that Maps details can still be seen somewhat behind the background. Perhaps that is what you were trying to relay to me?

        Try again.


  2. Ameridan,
    This is very exciting for me as I really need some of these tweaks. ( What good is the touchscreen if it only works when you’re parked?)

    Anyways, am I reading this right? It will work with version 59+? I’m traveling now but I know my Lusso is ver. 59-point-something so I’d given up hope. Please let me know up to what point version of 59 it will work.

    Love your work, and many thanks!



    • No USB tweaks will work with 59+, until the id7 tweak has been installed. If your Lusso came with version 59, then you would first have to install id7 via serial access, which is quite involved.


  3. Thanks, that’s what I’d always believed, but in this updated AIO, I read it as though the id7patch was only required for ver. 70. I don’t want to be in there and hardwire into the CMU.

    Man, I find that touchscreen limitation absolutely frustrating. It makes the nav system unusable. Here’s hoping the CarPlay retrofit gets cheap and/or Fiat comes to their senses about the touchscreen.

    BTW, I 3D printed the grille badge at the library. Looks great and saved $50. Thanks for that! Had to heat it up and add some curve though. My tow hook cover is slightly convex.

    Thanks again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • An idea just came to mind – if it is possible to downgrade the firmware, just downgrade to any 56 firmware (even Mazda’s, install id7, then upgrade to 70.00.100, along with the universal tweak (and the touchscreen tweak 😉 ). The “if” is what needs to be checked out, but I think it is feasible (you have to do the .up files in reverse order, I believe). Upon further checking, yes – you can downgrade, but apparently, not to a version lower than 59.00.502, so this idea is kaput. 😦 😦 😦

      My towhook cover is convex too, but I didn’t feel like revising my 3D file to add that curvature. I just super-glued some scraps to the top and bottom of the emblem instead, since the whole thing gets super-glued to the cover anyways.


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