Removal of taillight body-colored inserts

photos, quoted text and technique courtesy of  steve6225

taillight insert1

I remember [reading] a couple of threads where people were wondering if the taillight inserts were removable for painting, [wrapping], etc.

I had a couple of minutes today, so I gave it a shot. Not only are they removable, but they are very easy to remove.

They [snap into] two black plastic [retaining clips that are part of the mounting hardware] used to attach the taillight to the car.

I used a thin plastic trim removal tool and pried the insert out away from the taillight. Start at the inboard edge and pry it out, slide the tool along the top and give it a twist when it gets tight. The insert will pop right out of the first clip. Continue along the top and twist again to pop out the second clip.

taillight insert2

taillight insert3

taillight insert4

taillight insert5

taillight insert6


Not really a press fit, more like a snap, they click into place when you reinstall them.

Great job Steve!  Thank you for posting.  To see all of the color codes see my Paint section.

4 thoughts on “Removal of taillight body-colored inserts

  1. Of course, now that I know they’re supposed to be the same color as the car, it’s driving me crazy because they’re not really the same red… Aaaarrgh!


  2. Dan, not really directly related, but talking about the rear end of the car… have you ever seen any documentation or detailed instructions on how to wire in and enable the rear fog lamp assembly below the bumper? When I Google’d this, all I could find were articles about people tying them in with the rear brake lights… and that it not my desire. I’d like to have them tied in with the front fog lamps, and be used when the conditions necessitate it (heavy snow, heavy rain, fog….). Yes, I realize our respective governments have determined North Americans aren’t intelligent enough to know when to actually turn on their fog lights and so our vehicles have the rear lights disabled, but there are a few of us that could use this… lol Any thoughts? I know you’re a wealth of information, so I look forward to your reply. Thanks in advance…


  3. I know my Classica (no front fog lights) has the wiring for both front and rear fog lights present, and if the BCM is requested to turn them on, I am told that if the bulbs are installed, they will work. Without the proper stalk switch, you would need to invoke that command extraneously though.


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