Finished my grille emblem install

grille emblem on car

I put out a request back in early November for a 3D print file for the grille emblem, and since none seemed to be available, Andrea from Italy produced a file for me.  After some modifications and getting certified to run the Maker Bot Replicator 2 printer at our library, I printed my own emblem and installed it onto my tow hook cover last week. After cleaning the car, I was able to take a photo of the finished product today.

If you are interested in the back story of this project, see my original post here.


5 thoughts on “Finished my grille emblem install

    • No, I’m thinking that it might be best to just make the .stl file available to my blog readers for free. The Mopar version is obviously a superior product, and not knowing how the plastic is going to hold up to UV and the elements, I think it would be best for the vehicle owner to take all the risk. If I were to sell these, and a few years later these things degrade, I would feel bad enough without being also accused of selling inferior plastic emblems.

      It only costs about $0.25 in Polylactide (PLA, a corn-based thermoplastic) material to make these, so I figure, if it doesn’t hold up, I’ll just print another one 🙂

      Anyways, when I set the part up at Ponoko to sell like Sergey does for the acrylic windblockers, they would only 3D-print in one color (black or ivory), and this was their quote to produce the part (the plastic is better quality than PLA though):

      Durable Gloss ABS Plastic (same plastic as Lego blocks)
      Color: Black
      Size: 101.6 x 19.7 x 6.0 mm
      Volume: 7.52 cm³
      Making: $16.38
      Material: $5.47
      Total: $21.85

      Kind of ridiculous if you ask me. Does anyone know of a online 3D print service that can produce ABS parts at a reasonable cost?


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