3D-printed parts available for the 124 Spider


Delta Lab Roma, a company in Rome, Italy, has responded to requests coming from members of “124 SPIDER ITALIA” for some unique parts for the 124 Spider that, until now, have not been available anywhere.  They sent me a sampling, to help get the word out in North America. Some of my blog readers might be interested in procuring some of these items, including:

  • Cap for the forward cup holder slot
  • Caps for the door bushings
  • Wedges for the convertible top stowage stops

Cap for the forward cup holder slot

In most of Europe, cup holders are not included accessories, and many had no idea what purpose the gaping hole along the side of the gear selector console was supposed to serve.  Indeed, many of us that did receive cup holders, have just tucked them away in a storage cubby behind the seats, since they are awkward to use, at least with the slots on the backside of the console armrest (which do have hinged covers built-in).

Delta Lab has produced a “bellissima” black rubber cap that snaps into place, and looks like it should have come with the car.  I did find that until you learn how to manipulate it into place, it would fall into the cavity.  I quickly realized though, that by pushing the cap’s “top” edge against the wall first, the cap will swing down and snap into place every time.

Price = € 10.00 + Shipping* ~ with 124 Spider or Abarth insignia (RUBBER)


Caps for the door bushings

Although the door latch keeps the door securely closed, what actually holds the door in alignment and helps the door actually become part of the mid-section structure in regards to rigidity (especially in convertibles), are the door bushings that mate with the bushing receiver mounted to the door, also serving as the door stop, and addressing one of the primary potential NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) issues, by minimizing any door latch rattle.  Much of the bushing is open and exposed to accommodate the A-pillar mounting screws, and the black rubber caps that Delta Lab has produced, snap into these screw openings, with the goal of increasing the factory bushing rigidity even further (rather than actually replacing the bushings with “oversized” aftermarket parts).

Price = € 20.00 + Shipping* ~ Door caps kit with 124 spider insignia (RUBBER)

I’ll drive my car over the tracks tomorrow, and try to determine whether my car is any quieter. Driving over my local railroad tracks crossing, all I hear is tire noise, but I can’t say that I recall my doors (or anything else, in this Japanese-assembled automobile, for that matter 😉 ) rattling, prior to today either.


Wedges for the convertible top stowage stops

This is probably the most unique part produced, but since it addresses an issue that most of us aren’t experiencing – where the leading edge of the convertible top comes so close to the roll-bar hoops as it is latched into the stowage position, that it rubs on the canvas, eventually wearing a hole at the point of contact. 

There are stops that engage into a recess as the stowage latch engages, and again Delta Labs has developed wedges specifically designed to be adhered into said recesses with two-way tape, that will hopefully work to keep the stops far enough back, so as to eliminate any rubbing.  Technically, the dealer should have addressed this under warranty by replacing the top assembly, but in some Fiat forums, it seems that a few individuals that took their vehicle in for this issue, wish they hadn’t, as the top repair/replacement ended up in even worse shape.  If you are concerned that the gap is a little to close in your car, these wedges would be an alternative that I would encourage, before taking the car to the dealer.





  1. Since the parts are produced in Italy, in might not be obvious that the right side recess should be mated with the part labeled DX-B (apply a piece of two-way tape over the “DX-B”), and similarly the part labeled SX-B, is for the left side.
  2. These wedges are not visible, so they haven’t been labeled with “124 Spider” insignia, making them suitable for consideration by Mazda MX-5 owners wanting to address  the convertible top rubbing issue, as well.
Price =  €15 for two wedges + Shipping* (RUBBER)
Payment is through Paypal @ deltalab.roma@gmail.com When the shipment departs, Deltalab sends a foto by mail or whatsapp so one can see the tracking number. 
Specifically, the spacers are made using a rigid high shore rubber
-----------------ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS-------------------------
The procedure is quite simple!
- Place the spacers in the appropriate seat, the spacer including its bevel in its corner follows the shape of the hole.
- On the back (to cover the positioning indications of the spacer) a simple double-sided adhesive tape will be applied, not included in the package, it can be fixed with glue or silicone instead.
- In most cases the low thickness double-sided tape (of the same thickness as a packing tape) is more than oppurt and adequate
- If the hood (top) notably touches the roll bar, before the temporary assembly of the spacers, it may be necessary to use a thicker double-sided tape.
------ We recommend that you first check the operation of the spacers without adhesive and then apply the double-sided tape or the adhesive that is considered most appropriate.
------- Attention! if the double-sided adhesive chosen is too thick, the soft top will be pushed in excess towards the rear and the soft top locking block (located in the central part of the car) will not work and will remain open. It is advisable to carry out a series of opening and closing tests before final fixing
-------------------- NATIONAL SHIPPING -----------------   €4 
The shipment takes place via Posta1, the Italian Post Office service, which will be delivered directly by the postman to his mailbox, the postman is not required to notify the recipient of the delivery of the package.
The shipment is provided with a tracking code to monitor its status until delivery to the recipient.
To check its status, we recommend using the site https://www.17track.net/
-------------INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS --------------   €5 (check to make sure though)
The shipment takes place via International Postamail, a service of the Italian Post Office. The shipment is provided with a tracking code to monitor its status.
It is possible to monitor the status of the shipment up to the Italian border.
Once package has crossed the Italian border it will no longer be possible to verify its status.

Caps for GT hardtop external mounting bolts

Fiat didn’t choose the ideal caps for cosmetically covering the 124 Spider GT hardtop’s two external mounting bolts, as the wind tends to separate them from the “inadequate” metal retaining clips.  Delta Lab is taking a stab at coming up with a more robust 3D-printed pair of caps (along with a pair of 3D-printed retaining clips for the caps to snap onto), for the small group of lucky individuals with carbon fiber hardtops.

Peter has to add double-sided tape, to keep from losing his caps, but because of the gap, even that isn’t always certain.

Here is a link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DeltaLabRoma/

4 thoughts on “3D-printed parts available for the 124 Spider

  1. It would be nice if Fiat themselves would produce these items and supply them with the car when you buy it. I cannot come to terms with a company that expects you to pay extra for things that should be standard….cup holders come to mind! I mean, COME ON Fiat! They are supplied with the MX5.


    • Steve, I disagree, and believe you’ve got it backwards. None of these 3D printed parts were ever developed by Mazda, nor Fiat. They are engineered solutions/alternatives to customer requests.

      It is obvious Mazda didn’t plan on even incorporating cup holders, but succumbed to marketing pressure, and squeezed them into the design.



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