Fuel Economy App

sbhigqkoak3mntmc1g57I happened to be scrolling through an Australian Mazda CX-8 manual today, and observed what I think is the first thorough instructional documentation that I’ve seen, regarding this app.  I know that this app is presented to the driver during shutdown by default, for some regions like Japan (there is a setting to do so, if you are so inclined), but as a sports car driver in the U.S. with a 1.4 L turbo engine, I’ve never really paid that much attention to fuel economy stats.  The data is presented as MPG or L/100 KM.   Note that there is also a fuel consumption tweak that offers KM/L as the metric equivalent to MPG, and in addition to the average fuel economy for this drive, shows the average fuel economy since the last reset.

I am reminded again of how glad I am that i-Stop isn’t forced on us, in the 124 Spider!

For those readers that might find this interesting though, I’ve combined screen shots of the applicable three pages, and present them here…

fuel economy app


fuel economy tweak

5 thoughts on “Fuel Economy App

  1. A quick note on the fuel economy. I must say that, while the last thing I look for in a sports car, it is far beyond what I ever expected, no matter how much I thrash it. Beauty, brains and a cheap date, what a great car.

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  2. Great post Dan. Thank you. I’ve run this a few times, especially after I installed my tune, to try to get a feel for how my fuel economy had changed in basic (non-Sport) mode. I never could entirely figure out what it was doing, but now it’s much clearer. Any chance you could post the URL for the original source you got the info from? I’d like to build a booklet from it that I can put in my cubby for reference. Thanks in advance. Cal.


  3. No worries Dan. I stopped being lazy, did a search and found the full .pdf of the owners manual, so now I can build the booklet. Have a great time in Memphis, and have a nice heaping of crawfish at Mud Island for me. 🙂

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    • Crawfish Étouffée was a first for me – MMMMMM! Memphis ribs were good too. Graceland was on my wife’s bucket list – ✅ that one off.


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