VIN # Decoder / VIN Build Sheets / VIN Window “Monroney” stickers / FIAT KEYePER

(Specific to our 124 Spiders)

Note: I’ve given up on bringing my decoder to fruition, as there doesn’t appear to be a global standard in assigning VINs after all

(fictitious VIN #)

Deciphering the 17 digits:
( ✅  = identifiers that appear to be verified and accurate)

  • 1st three digits = “World Manufacturer Identifier” (“WMI”), which originally had been assigned as:

♦  1st digit = Country of Manufacture: J for Japan ✅
♦  2nd digit = Manufacturer: C Mazda Corporation (for Fiat) ✅
♦  3rd digit = (sometimes used for) Category Type: 1 for passenger car  ✅

Apparently, for those Abarths that are sent on to Italy for the remaining assembly, the SAE “WMI” for Fiat (ZFA) is used in place of  JC1:

♦  1st digit = Country of Manufacture: Z for Italy (even though it really is initially manufactured in Japan)  ✅
♦  2nd & 3rd digits = Manufacturer: FA for Fiat  ✅
xxxxxxxxxxx(Category Type not represented)

  • Next 5 digits (4 through 8) = “Vehicle Description Section” (“VDS”), as configured by Mazda & Fiat:

♦  4th & 5th digits* = Platform Brand:

NE for logo abarth  (Abarth brand)
NF for logo fiat  (Fiat and Abarth brands)

…when did Abarths stop being assigned NE platform?  I’m quite sure I remember readers reporting in the Fall of 2016, that their Abarths had NE assigned in their VIN, along with a different version of firmware, which is why I addended detailed information on the subject in my tweaks article.  Perhaps Mazda decided to reclaim NE for the successor platform to the current NDs, now that Fiat vehicles are identified with their own WMI?

Note: Wikipedia breaks it out differently (and incorrectly, I think) as NF for North American 124 Spiders and NE for European 124 Spiders.

So it seems that lately, all models of the 124 Spider are assigned:

NF for logo fiat  &  logo abarth

♦  6th digit* = Restraint system:

tether europe

(click image to enlarge)

A for Driver & Passenger ~ Seat Belts, Front & Side Air Bags ✅
6  for Driver & Passenger ~ Seat Belts, Front & Side Air Bags plus (3) Child Seat Latch Points for the passenger seat  

♦  7th digit = Body Style: E for 2-door convertible ✅
♦  8th digit = Engine Type: K for 1.4 L Hi-Power (Turbo), gasoline ✅

  • 9th digit = check digit (0 – 9, X) to legitimize the serial # ✅
  • 10th digit = Model Year: ✅

H = 2017
J = 2018
K = 2019
L = 2020

  • 11th digit = Assembly Plant: 0 for Hiroshima ✅
  • 12th thru 17th digits = production serial # (xxxxxx) ✅


In North America, since there is no Abarth brand, other than the last six digits, the only significant digit that varied amongst our Spiders, is the 10th (Model Year), at least for MY 2017.

*[UPDATE] The first few comments have convinced me that my decoder may need further refinement, as perhaps the methodology was altered for MY 2019?

At that point, I added ✅ next to identifiers that appear to be verified and accurate, so that we know which digits to concentrate on.

Since I couldn’t find this information anywhere using Google, I reverted back to the initial decoder that I created based on Mazda’s 2016 Service Manual, but  apparently things may have changed since…

vin explained

(click image to enlarge)

Here is a Fiat version obtained by Cal that confirms my assumptions were correct, yet some inconsistencies remain…

vin explained Fiat

(click image to enlarge)

VIN Build Sheets

To produce a vehicle build sheet for your car that lists all of the options , click on the link below and then add your VIN # to the end of the URL in the browser address bar:

Also known in the assembly plants as broadcast sheets, they were taped to the bodies coming down the line and used by workers to determine which parts were to be installed in that specific car.

VIN Window “Monroney” stickers

To produce a vehicle “Monroney” sticker for your car (if data is available, and probably only for U.S. vehicles*), click on the link below and then add your VIN # to the end of the URL in the browser address bar:

MonroneyFrom Wikipedia:

*   The Monroney sticker or window sticker is a label required in the United States to be displayed in all new automobiles and includes the listing of certain official information about the car. The window sticker was named after Almer Stillwell “Mike” Monroney, United States Senator from Oklahoma.

VIN specific FIAT Spare Parts Catalog ~ FIAT KEYePER

logo fiatlogo abarth


click image to enlarge

Fiat’s Parts Explorer © “ePER” database of all of the parts specific to    logo-fca  vehicles, currently produced in html form on USB thumb-drive “keys”, rather than printed media, and made available online on a permitted user basis, allowing you to browse all the components specific to your vehicle online (VIN # required), without needing to make a trip to your local dealer parts shop.  You are encouraged to do your browsing quickly (or off-hours), as only ten users are allowed access at any given time, and you may get bounced out, should enough others choose to gain access by clicking on “OK”, when presented with the following “error” message  .

There are too many users currently connected.
If you click the OK button, one will be disconnected, and you will be allowed in.

Although a link to KEYePER is revealed in the screenshot above, if you hover north of  that screenshot to find a “polar bear in a snowstorm” (I like that Cal), you’ll be able to access another actual link that azzura helped me discover.  Change language as appropriate, and then enter your VIN #.  Per Cal:

Directly to the right of the box you just entered your VIN into, there is a “right arrow” link.  Click on the “right arrow” to proceed to the next screen and in the top right of that window is a selection button “INFO”. Click on the “INFO” button.  Your vehicle’s detailed build information will now be listed.

You can’t do a CTRL-A to select all the text, but you can use your mouse to click at the beginning of the text at the very top, and then while holding the mouse down, drag it down to the bottom part of the window and it will scroll down, selecting all the text information for your build. Once you have the text selected, you can do a CTRL-C to copy all the text. Then open MS Word or your text editor of choice and CTRL-V to paste it in.

You’re done.

P.S. While that pop up window is still active, if you click on the NEXT button, it will take you to an interactive screen where you can search the schematics and parts for all the components on the vehicle.

24 thoughts on “VIN # Decoder / VIN Build Sheets / VIN Window “Monroney” stickers / FIAT KEYePER

    • Hi Dan, interesting yes. Here’s mine ZFANF6EK600xxxxxx. I don’t know if European(Italian) have different Vin numbers. Mine too is a NF, body style and engine check out OK, but for the rest? I’m sure the car was made in Japan, since I found some stickers with Japanese lettering.


    • I am also in au and also have this vin JC0NF2EK600xxxxxx (2018 fiat abarth)
      checked it on the mazda vin decoder and it came up as a 1985 mazda ?
      the sticker on the door pillar has mazda embossed all over it and it matches the stamped vin on the floor?


      • Thanks a lot Peter 😉 3rd, 6th and 10th digits are not what I expected – I give up!

        Seems like there isn’t a global VIN standard, so it must be mandated regionally.


    • To be a bit more precise: got mine in Spring 2017.
      Maybe there’s a difference cause Euro Abarths make a detour through Italy?

      Dropping by my dealer tomorrow anyway, so gonna check if Fiat Spiders have this kind of VINs too.


      • Nearly forgot to post this:
        Dealer has a normal Fiat Spider also starting with ZFA…
        It’s a 124 Spider America most likely MY 2017, 2018 at best.

        Liked by 1 person

    • [My proposed] EU VIN decoder so far


      ZFA FCA
      NF Abarth (OR Fiat)
      6 unknown
      E unknown
      K engine type K=Abarth 4=Fiat
      6 transmission 6=Manuale A=Auto
      0 unknown
      0 unknown
      xxxxxx serial


    • Tobias,
      I’m trying to determine what is different about your restraint devices that triggers a “6”, rather than “A”

      ~ Do you not have side air bags in the seats?
      ~ I know you have child seat latch point(s) behind the passenger headrest and perhaps in the seat base; could that be a factor?
      ~ I think you have “Impact Absorption Bonnets”, but I doubt that is considered restraint related (just safety related).


      • My post miss some point…
        NF is for the Abarth or NE for the Fiat
        Then after the engine type
        6 transmission 6=Manual A=Auto I can confirm this if you mean this I’ve looked at a LOT of different car for sale and I’m pretty confident.
        ALL euro 124 (Fiat and Abarth) have the child seat latch (2 in the bottom of the seat and one near the neck area), the side airbag and the “Impact Absorption Bonnets”.


      • Thank you Andrea.
        ~ NE is supposed to be for the Abarth, but as you state, NF is being used for both Fiat & Abarth. This is still a question.
        ~ The digit after Engine is a check digit for the serial #, so I guess it has just been coincidence that you’ve found “6” & “A” as the 9th digit?
        ~ I think the 6th digit as “6” represents the added child seat latch points, which we don’t have in the U.S.. I’ll add this one to the decoder.


  1. Well, I guess the decoder needs some work! I based it on Mazda’s Service Manual for MY 2016, but apparently some things have changed.


  2. Dan, I’ll run this by my contact with Fiat corporate in Italy, and see if he can shed some insight. I’ll post a follow-up reply as soon as i hear back from him.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Here is the response I got back from from my friends in Torino Italy… First, a URL that is chock full of useful tools and information relative to VIN numbers: They also sent me an image that shows how they break down the VIN for the Spider within Fiat. If you can tell me where to send the file, I’ll be happy to pass it on to you, as I can’t seem to figure out how to paste it into this reply box. Best regards, Cal.


    • Thanks Cal. I emailed you. I think WordPress took the ability to add images to comments away (for those using the free plan, like me).

      [Having received his Fiat version of the VIN decoder diagram, I’ve addended it onto the bottom of the article. It confirms what I’ve published, but it also doesn’t reflect reality any longer (JC1 vs ZFA, as an example). Since it also doesn’t address Abarth, I also have to assume the diagram was published in the Spring of 2016.]


  4. I still have to wonder if part of this (as it relates to the Abarth versions), is the difference between N.A. where it’s just another trim line under the Fiat brand, and the rest of the world where Abarth is their own dealership independant of Fiat… much the same as Alfa Romeo, etc. Pure rampant speculation on my part.


    • Could very well be. I’m just going to leave it alone for awhile though, until I stumble across some more helpful information. It’s really not that important 😉

      A little side story: Back in the days when Lee Iaccoca was in charge at Chrysler, one of my side jobs was putting together an annual master VIN decoder (in Excel) and sending it out for publication on laminated 3 x 5 cards for various departments. Somehow dealers got a hold of my name, and they were requesting the cards for their personnel as well, and I was pretty proud that my work was going out for second and third printings. Writing the article brought back some of those memories, but no longer having access to the official corporate data in it’s entirety – well, you see the results 😉


      • Trust me, I can SO relate to what you’re saying about loss of access to pertinent information. When you’re outside the bowl it’s a different world. And I agree, it’s not a critical item, and for now maybe it will just become another conspiracy theory that people can bounce around. So for now, as I work using a really SLOW Internet connection in Cuba, I’ll drown my sorrows in some more Havana Club Sieti Anos, and wish it away in the fog of a Cohiba Churchill.

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  5. In the last couple of days, I’ve learned of some valuable resources that are tied to VIN #, and decided to addend them to the VIN Decoder article. Enjoy!



  6. European VINs *all* seem to start with ZFANF, even though this covers both Abarth and Fiat models, and despite the fact that most cars (except the first few thousand Abarths built) were all completed in Hiroshima (Japan).

    European cars also *all* have 00 as a model year, which is clearly inaccurate. Having looked at over 100 UK model cars, I believe they were all built, in 2 batches, in 2016, with nothing built afterwards (i.e. 2017 or later).

    US cars seem to have completely different (and more standard) VINs and may have been built after 2016, but without digits 7 & 10 to confirm from various cars, we can only sumise model year, not manufacture year


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