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paint 124

mariokart wrote a nice article on 124 Spider paint codes, but since forum articles are only editable for a few hours, he is unable to edit/update his article, so I’ve decided to expand on it further.  I’ve added a Paint section to my Specs blog page and a month later (11/11/2017), iheartroadsters published a post that allowed me to fill in the Mazda data that I was missing.  I think the Mazda code should be identified separately from the Fiat codes, to aid in cross referencing with other paint suppliers.  It turns out the touch-up paint you purchase at a Fiat dealer may have Mazda branding on the package anyways.

vin placard

example of B-pillar placard on a Grigio Moda Lusso

My goal is to make it easier to find touch-up paint for our cars, in some cases by simply going to a local Mazda dealership should the Fiat dealership fail to satisfy your needs. As examples:

  • A Miata forum reader pointed out that the new Bleu Scuro color for 2018 is reported to be a Mazda color called Deep Crystal Blue Mica.  I’ve confirmed from the VIN placard that the paint code is 42M  which is indeed Deep Crystal Blue
  • I don’t believe that there is a Mazda color name for our Passion Red, as it was created to meet Fiat’s color requirements (it isn’t True Red), so that entry will be shown as     .
    red a7v
  • The color of my car is Bianco Gelato, and since my Fiat dealer had no touch-up paint available back in 2016, it was nice cross-referencing Mazda’s color Artic White (A4D) with Mercedes Benz’s Artic White (147), which turns out to be the same color, and was readily available on Amazon for a greatly reduced price.

Using brochures from Europe, USA and Australia, I attempted to make corrections to some of the color names, but if any errors or other omissions are observed, please let me know, and I’ll get them fixed.

[removed my outdated listing of paint codes on 6/9/2018, since I keep the Paint Specs page up-to-date.]

12 thoughts on “Paint colors

  1. Mark Booth brought to our attention that Fiat’s Passion Red is not Mazda’s True Red, and after further research, I’ve come to the conclusion that A7V was never a red that Mazda used. All of Mazda’s reds are listed here.

    I’ve corrected the True Red callout on the Paint Specs page.


  2. … bump …

    Anybody have a 2019 124 in the new color “Ceramica Gray Metallic”?
    Anybody have a 2019 124 GT in the new color “Alpi Orientali Grey”?

    I’m looking for actual paint code info from the VIN label.


  3. Where is this plate, on the door pillar? The UK spec doesn’t have a plate that looks anything like this. It has a much simpler version with nothing that looks like a paint code.


    • Mark, I learn something new just about every day! I guess I assumed the VIN placard was universal, but now that I’ve looked closer, I do see the word Federal on it, perhaps implying that perhaps this is another one of 2 or 3 labels applied by port personnel, once U.S. bound vehicles reach our shores in North America. We get emissions certification placards adhered on the bottom side of our hoods as well – see if perhaps you have anything related to paint colors adhered to your “bonnet”.


    • Same in Germany. No Information about the paint code anywhere on the car.

      However other Fiats have a sticker (under the bonnet / in the trunk) that states the paint code. Apparently a Mazda thing…

      Asked my dealer about the color code for my Abarth ( Costa Brava 1972 Red ), but the value in their database wasn’t correct. Also all the other codes i could find on the net (A7V, PR2…) don’t match either. Had to get it scanned.


    • I guess that makes my compilation of paint codes most helpful to you guys then, as many of you can hopefully get the touch-up paint you need at a Mazda parts source (dealer/mail-order), unless your car is red.


  4. … bump …

    Anybody in the U.S. have a 2019 124 in the new color “Ceramica Gray Metallic”?

    I’m looking for actual paint code info from the VIN label.


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