Initializing the Power Windows

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Many cars have both an auto-open and an auto-close function built into the window switch control modules, but our vehicles only have an auto-open function.  Auto-open (along with the other programmed window movements, while operating the top and doors) will only behave properly if certain conditions are satisfied:

  • In order for the automatic window operations to function properly, they need to learn where the upper and lower limits are by being initialized.
  • Don’t start the car while closing the door. Either close the door all the way, then start your engine, or start your engine and then close the door.  Power within the control modules is interrupted during the start procedure.
  • If the engine is turned off, the auto-open feature will be disabled and the button will have to be held for the duration.  Reminder: you’ll have about 40 seconds to operate your windows after shutting down your vehicle, before the switches are disabled – as long as neither door has been opened.
  • Anytime the battery is disconnected for maintenance, the windows will need to initialized afterwards, unless you use the keep-alive feature by attaching a trickle charger to the ODBII port.
  • To fully open the window automatically, press the switch completely down (to stop the window partway, pull or press the switch in the opposite direction and then release it).

Power window system initialization procedure

04070102-lnd-002Resetting of the passenger window automatic function can be performed using either passenger window switch (master control switch in driver’s door or the window switch in the passenger’s door).

Note: The auto function of the power windows will only resume on the side that has been reset, so you should run through this procedure for each side.

  1. Close the doors and the convertible top.

  2. Switch the ignition ON.

  3. Make sure that the power window lock switch located on the driver’s door is not depressed.

  4. Press the switch and fully open the window.

  5. Pull up the switch to fully close the window and continue holding the switch for about 2 seconds after the window fully closed.

  6. Repeat Steps 4-5 for the passenger power window.

  7. Make sure that the power windows operate correctly using the door switches.

If the automatic power window operation does not operate normally while the doors or convertible top are opened/closed, reset it using the previous procedures.

Power window lock switch


This feature prevents non-driver’s power window(s) from operating and can come in handy if you have pets or children in the vehicle, especially in a 4-door vehicle. Although it really doesn’t make much sense to have this feature in a two-seater, rather than design a new window switch module (again with power door lock and mirror controls), they’ve basically utilized a high volume production 4-door switch, and simply skipped installing the rear window switches, perhaps even chopping off that section of PC board.

aha4aiconAt night (when your lights are on), there will be one additional clue that you’ve engaged the lock switch – the LEDs within both passenger window switches will not be illuminated like the mirror, door lock and driver’s window switch are.

It is quite common for drivers to think the passenger window has “broken” when it no longer operates, not realizing they’ve simply (accidentally) engaged the power window lock switch.

Locked position (button depressed):  Only the driver’s power window can be operated.

Unlocked position (button not depressed):  Both power windows can be operated via all of their respective switches.

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