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I see so many convertibles at car shows with the garage door remotes hanging on the visor, and besides being unattractive, they seem so susceptible to loss via the wind or theft.  Since I have the Classica model, I do not have the bulky Homelink mirror (which can be programmed to duplicate your remote’s commands, negating the need for the actual remote), I was determined to find a compatible spot to locate my remote.

During my search, the first thing I noticed is that our non-padded visors won’t even accommodate the visor clips that come with garage door opener remotes, and I noted that I didn’t want the remote…

  • occupying the limited space of the “shelf” adjacent to the USB ports panel designed to accommodate your phone
  • anywhere on the dash panel
  • inconveniently hidden in the difficult-to-access rear bulkhead cubby
  • rattling around and occupying a good percentage of the tiny armrest cubby

so I decided to attach it to the underside of the armrest cubby lid with Velcro hook and loop tape.

After prepping the surface by wiping it with rubbing alcohol, I attached a 1½” piece of the “hook” tape near the hinge, and while was at it, I installed a second piece further up on the lid (as shown in the photo above) in case I find myself wanting to secure some other small item in the future.  In general, I usually apply the people-friendly soft “loop” tape to devices, but since the remote won’t be handled much outside of changing the 9-volt battery, it doesn’t really matter.

A year later, I’m still pleased with my hidden, rattle-free placement of the remote!

Note: This mounting location is also ideal for a RFID toll collection transponder (like FasTrack and E-ZPass), especially for those with limited space on the windshield near the rear view mirror because of the forward-facing camera/sensors.

2 thoughts on “Garage door remote

  1. Oh come on… where’s the love? I really like my big clunky mirror with rain sensors, auto darkening, and programmable buttons for three garage doors. lol Joking aside, if I didn’t have that I would also consider a velcro mount directly under the steering wheel under the dash. If you reach straight in past the shaft of the steering wheel column, you’ll feel an available piece of real estate available (and not visible from outside). The bottom line is that as you’ve mentioned you need to keep it out of sight but readily accessible. Good recommendation as always…

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  2. When i first got the car, the rear-view mirror was about 1″ away from the header, and it really blocked my line-of-sight. Once I discovered that I could push it all the way up close to the header (using the swivel closest to the windshield) and then readjust the mirror (using the other swivel), the blind-spot in my forward view was greatly reduced (with my top up, the rear view of any car close behind me is another story though), but knowing the height dimension of the Homelink mirror might be at least ½” more, I don’t know whether I could adjust that mirror to a comfortable spot – which is what I meant when I said “bulky”. 😉

    I plan on using the real estate you mention for my OBD2 switch, that I’ll plug my ELM327 scanner into, if I ever feel comfortable about installing Android Auto to display my virtual gauges.


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