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Offline (local on your PC) Miata Service Manuals

I would love to have access to an offline version of Fiat’s Service Manuals for the 2017 Fiat 124 Spider, but until I come across one*, I have sourced a FREE bundle of offline manuals for it’s sister car – the 2016 Mazda MX-5, which is a great alternative as it covers pretty much everything.  The same manuals are also available online.**

The extra M66M-D Transmission Overhaul Manual won’t be applicable however, as Fiat wisely decided to use MX-5’s previous generation transmission (NC) which, although heavier, accommodates more torque than the ND tranny.

This isn’t just pdf versions of the books either.  There is a fully searchable MySql database of the hyperlinked manual’s contents.  Interactive wiring diagrams, service highlights, a workshop manual and a bodyshop manual are all included and is available at…xport=download.

  • The file has been scanned for viruses by the contributor.
  • It only works in Windows and it installed on my Windows 10 PC just fine.
  •  It downloads as a WinRar zip file.
  • Once opened all these files appear.

  • The executable is the icon with the Mazda logo.
  • When you click on it the first time, the PC might ask you permission to run as local Host – allow it to do that.
  • Create a shortcut on your desktop to the executable (or Pin it to Start), so that it will be easy to access in the future.
  • You may have to click on Reload once or twice to get the initial page to load.
  • For a sample, here are 2 sections with information on the CMU and the TAU.


* Fiat Service Manuals are now available

[UPDATE 2/15/2017]
Mopar/Tech Authority has released a CD version of the 124 Spider Service Manual that hopefully installs similarly to Mazda’s version, but I question whether it is truly ready for publication as there should not be “WORK IN PROGRESS” statements throughout a released document, especially when complementary updates are not included in the purchase!

[UPDATE 4/24/2017]
Tim H. has just advised me that Mopar/Tech Authority has announced that after having been made aware that the CD wasn’t yet ready for distribution back in late February and pulling it from their site, they have made the completed edition available once again, now on a USB card –  part # 81-270-17084-SUSB. Thank you Tim.

[UPDATE 12/30/2020]
Mopar/Tech Authority also has a Wiring Information Manual available on a USB card, part # 81-270-17084A-WUSB.  You won’t find these manuals on Amazon, but a few are usually available on eBay.  By the way, unlike the Service Manual, which won’t function with anything other than Internet Explorer and Flash, the Wiring Manual runs fine with Chrome and other browsers.

[UPDATE 3/25/2021]
I recommend altering launch.bat so that it works properly (2nd line is original, but it invokes default browser rather than IE; 3rd line fixes that if files are on your PC’s hard drive; 5th line fixes that for use on USB drive):

@echo off
#start splash\default.htm
start iexplore file://%CD%\splash\default.htm
# change drive letter to match current USB assignment
#start iexplore G:\Splash\default.htm

** Online Miata Service Manuals as an alternate reference

2016 Mazda MX-5 Service Manuals are available online without a subscription, does not require flash player, includes pdf files for immediate printing, and in most cases, are also very helpful for our 124 Spiders.

Online Miata Owner’s Manual as another alternate reference

The MX-5 Owner’s Manual that I use as a resource quite a bit, is also available online in HTML format here.  It tends to have more details, than the Fiat version.

4 thoughts on “HTML version of Service Manuals

  1. I received the CD today (14 December 2017) after ordering it at the beginning of the week using the link in your 4/24/2017 update. I do not see any “WORK IN PROGRESS” notes/placeholders when browsing around in it. The disc label says “11/3/2016” but the content files are dated 17 February 2017 and the folders 1 March 2017. The disc label has the part number without any revision number, though I don’t know what “BA” indicates.

    They’re serious about using Internet Explorer—neither Chrome nor Edge will render the content. As my default browser isn’t IE, here’s what’s in my batch file (next to Launch.bat):

    start “Abarth Service Manual launcher” /MAX “%ProgramFiles%\internet explorer\iexplore.exe” “file:///%~dp0common/html/frontPage.htm”

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  2. Today, I once again updated the links to the Miata online service manuals.



  3. The author of the online Mazda MX-5 shop manual has updated the site, so that flash is no longer required to view the wiring diagram images.


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