New map updates dated June 2019 are available

Fiat 124

⭐️ Map updates dated June 2019 are available!  

(at least for North America)

The prior version of North American maps (USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico) were 5,738 MB, and were dated December 2018.  I updated my cards this morning, and verified that this latest version still fits on the 8 GB card, as it is has grown in size by only 60 MB (original size was 4,977 MB, almost 1 GB smaller). 

If you are using macOS,  we would like to inform you that after the latest macOS (Catalina) update, Fiat Toolbox won’t be operational anymore – you’ll need to delete the old version and reinstall the current version of the application. 

This will probably be the last FREE 3-year map subscription* update for those of you that purchased their 2017 Fiat 124 Spiders in the Summer of 2016, like I did.

The map service is tied to your VIN, so don’t waste your money buying a new Nav card on eBay/Amazon, thinking you can restart the clock for another 3 years.


It is my understanding, that starting with the February 2019 version of Europe maps (which is currently the most recent version, according to Stuart), if you want the Russia maps along with maps for United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Poland , Portugal, Turkey and Spain, you’ll need a 16 GB SD card to install them on now, instead of the 8 GB card.  Mazda has a procedure for providing an official blank card to accommodate that, but I’m not aware if Fiat has done the same.

As far as I know, the ADR maps (Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, South Africa, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and Oceania regions) also still fit on the 8 GB card.

Procedure for Updating (if you skip backup, should take about 30 minutes)

Step 1. Download & Install Fiat Toolbox via Fiat 124 Spider Connect site (Windows or OSX version).
Step 2. Open Fiat Toolbox and insert SD card into the computer.
Step 3. Create a backup of the information currently on your SD card following the Toolbox prompt.
Step 4. Log in to Fiat Toolbox using your email/password combination.  If it is your first time, you’ll have to create a user profile.
Step 5. Once logged in, a button will appear labeled “Updates” if a map update is available or “Device” if there are no new updates. Click “Updates.”
Step 6. Create a new SD card backup. If you have an alternate Nav SD card, you can skip this step.
Step 7. Click INSTALL to begin map update.  After “Download progress” has reached 100%, “Installation progress” will commence, eventually reaching 100% as well.  You only need to download once, so if you have multiple SD cards, updating after the first card, is much quicker.
Step 8. Once the new backup is compete, eject your SD card and return it to your vehicle.


nav map paid updates

   Starting this summer (July 2019), owners of 2017 124 Spiders will start losing their free map updates, as that only lasts 3 years.  Unlike some brands, at least the SD card will continue to function, so you could probably wait for a while before resuming map updates, but eventually you should expect to pay, unless you consider alternatives, like installing the retrofit USB hub, which will then allow you to navigate via Android Auto or CarPlay programs.


20 thoughts on “New map updates dated June 2019 are available

  1. To be fair, Mazda and Fiat have nothing to do with the Navigation maps, as the Naviextras Toolbox and all of the updates are run by NNG / Visteon, but I agree, the dealers only seem to know about uConnect.


    • My local dealer has always been up front about not having much info on the FiatConnect system. But when they have sent questions off to their national dealer tech support at FCA, turns out they don’t know anything there either. Good thing we have the very good DIY support found here.

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  2. I was looking at my blog stats, and thought I’d share the composition of the 14,306 views for May 2019:

    I guess my audience is pretty much what I expected 😉


  3. Indeed the Toolbox program would ask you if you want to update EU or RUS maps due to size constraints back in February but this seems to only be a bug.
    I chose to update the EU maps (for obvious reasons 😉 ) but after completion it would also allow me to update the Russian maps.

    Nevertheless there isn’t much space left on the SD card and without wanting to rely on FCA I had a look around if there is a more hands-on approach on solving this.

    And there is. I only tried this on a Windows 10 PC; From what i have read MacOS will work similar (the tools have different names and you have to do manually remove some files that Spotlight will save on the SD card)

    1. Get yourself a shiny new 16GB SD card
    I bought a Sandisk Extreme (so shiny indeed), others have recommended Transcend Class 10. Personally I’ll use Transcends for my DSLRs and they work there just fine, but a Raspi 1 didn’t like them very much. Never had an issue with Sandisks. Only make sure that what you get is a somehow fast card. Class 10 should be more then sufficient.

    2. You may want to run some extra checks on the SD card to make sure they haven’t sold you a fake one. H2Testw is a good tool to do this. This step is optional and only necessary if you bought the card from not-so-trustworthy sources.

    3. Insert the OEM SD card into your PC and create an image of it with a tool like Win32DiskImager (select desired the path of your image file and click the Read button). No need to close the tool yet.

    4. Safely remove the OEM SD card and insert your new card. Make sure that the card shows up with the same drive letter and that the path to your image file is still there (if not, adjust the fields accordingly) and click the Write button.

    After completion Map Update Toolbox should already recognize the card but due to the nature of the process the file partition is still only 8GB big.

    5. To correct this I used a tool called MiniToolPartitionWizard, but any other partitioning software will do (they all work more or less similar). Once it has loaded you right-click on the drive representing your SD card and click on Extent. Pull the slider all the way to the right and click OK. In the main window click on Apply and wait a few seconds for it to do its magic.

    After this you can check if Map Update Toolbox still recognizes the card but more importantly if your SatNav loads up data from the new card.

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  4. That’s great that you have a larger prepared card ready. The next experiment will be updating the map folders on the cards (from the Mazda HiDrive), when our subscriptions run out. Seems to me, as long as the license folder stays intact, the cards should continue to work fine. If you didn’t update the Russia map data yet, Tobias, you could try out this approach (and even add some ADR maps 😉 )


  5. Unfortunately i already updated them back in February, but I will try to keep that in mind for the next update. At the latest once my subscription runs out, but that won’t happen until April.

    I got the impression that duplicating the card via imaging is only necessary if you want it to work with Map Update Toolbox. The SatNav might also work if you just copy&paste all files to the new card (still have to watch out for filesystem and card compatibility). I haven’t tried that though, since this makes updating inconvenient once the OEM 8GB isn’t large enough anymore.


  6. I’ve never worried about imaging or any special procedures for updating. I bought a new official Fiat card from a dealer in August 2016 (not many alternate sources that early). Installed the toolbox from the Euro site as suggested on this blog. I’ve never actually updated that original card. I used simple copy and paste to duplicate the contents in a desktop folder I named “Original” and then use copy and paste again to copy those contents to a brand new card which I used in the car. For each additional update I did the same thing – copied the original 2016 content from my desktop folder to a brand new card and then updated that copy using the toolbox. Which means I still have a working copy of every map version since 2016. I did try updating directly to one of my copies early on and that didn’t go perfectly so I’ve stayed with making copies of the original Fiat card/content to use for each update. Toolbox has no trouble leapfrogging from that to the most current update. A couple of updates back I didn’t have an 8gb card available so I used a new 16gb with no problems. (The Toolbox displays the used and free space correctly for the 16s.)


  7. Word in the German Mazda message boards is that there are different hardware versions of the SD card and that copies of newer cards sometimes didn’t work with Toolbox if you had used copy&paste. Some stated that this might have been fixed with newer Toolbox versions though.
    Also using an image is faster than copy&paste since you are only working with one large file compared to several smaller ones. Mainly due to less filesystem overhead and flash memory’s general dislike of small files.


    • EUREKA. I am super curious ( and scared at the same time) , to check if the 300Mb left in my (“our”, I suppose) 8Gb SD Nav card will be enough to upload the update…


      • I’m afraid to say I completely failed to check how big the update was.

        Based purely on guess work though, in suspect less than 100MB, pesky as it was quite quick to process.

        I also haven’t had a chance to actually test them out in the car yet 😥


      • claudio19, I don’t have any experience with the EU version. If you haven’t already, check out Tobias‘ comment though. My understanding is that unless you want the Russia maps too, 8GB should be adequate.


      • Hi Dan,
        that is a bit of a mystery to me. When i updated my 8GB card with the February’19 release i was asked to choose between EU or RUS maps. For obvious reasons i chose EU but afterwards it also allowed me to update the RUS maps.
        According to my file explorer I still have both regions on my 8GB card. I might have to check if the RUS maps are the most recent or older ones that Toolbox just left on the card.
        Another explanation would be that there actually is enough space on a 8GB card for both EU and RUS maps but somehow the update process itself requires some extra space that might not be available while it is running.

        Just guesswork though.

        One more thing @Stuart:
        After reading your comment i tried updating my cards 2 days ago, but Toolbox only offered me the February’19 release. You’re sure that you have a March’19 update? If find it a bit odd that they’d release a ‘one-month-newer’ update with a 6 months delay.


  8. Hello ameridian and Stuart, I have just checked for the update but I have been prompted -after having logged in -that no map update are available. keep waiting.


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