Popcorn Garage Movie Game


click image to enlarge, or right-click and download for a nice large image

Once you are done polishing the underside of your car (Peter 😉 ) while forced to remain in your home and garage because of the Corona virus, I found another at-home activity that all of the movie buffs in your family can do together.  Bring up the image of a garage filled with iconic movie objects (shown above, courtesy of PopCorn Garage) on a nice large screen, and start naming the movies that each object belong to.  There are 66 movies represented, and if you wish, you can play the actual movie game at PopCorn Garage, although I found it cumbersome (not being able to save the game, use the back key, etc).

Should you need help identifying some of the movies, you will find the answers listed below by highlighting them individually (or all), to make the titles visible…


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  1. d2b0vtoy story
  2. zombieland
  3. watchmen
  4. total recall
  5. top gun
  6. indiana jones
  7. o brother, where art thou
  8. fight club
  9. taxi driver
  10. twelve monkeys
  11. willow
  12. the neverending story
  13. 5th element
  14. willy wonka & the chocolate factory
  15. gremlins
  16. a perfect world
  17. a clockwork orange
  18. crocodile dundee
  19. the goonies
  20. the mask
  21. zorro
  22. men in black
  23. saw
  24. hook
  25. the terminator
  26. predator
  27. star wars
  28. scream
  29. amadeus
  30. matrix
  31. alice in wonderland
  32. alien
  33. dracula
  34. the birds
  35. howard the duck
  36. the big lebowski
  37. pulp fiction
  38. inception
  39. forrest gump
  40. batman
  41. wayne’s world
  42. pirates of the caribbean
  43. jurassic park
  44. back to the future
  45. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
  46. the great dictator
  47. catch me if you can
  48. amelie
  49. friday the 13th
  50. the lion king
  51. mars attacks!
  52. the good, the bad and the ugly
  53. v for vendetta
  54. the nightmare before christmas
  55. cast away
  56. leon
  57. kill bill
  58. who framed roger rabbit
  59. wall e
  60. avatar
  61. harry potter
  62. there is something about mary
  63. snatch
  64. the addams family
  65. teenage mutant ninja turtles
  66. ghostbusters