I noticed in some of the pics that Josh Roberts put up, that his paddle appeared to be stowed on the starboard side of his ORU kayak, and he referred me to a post that he wrote regarding the addition of clips at the end of his dangling straps for just that purpose. That inspired me to come up with a similar solution using some Marine grade “Lift-the-Dot” snaps (Nickel finish on Brass / Stainless Steel, and I see that they also come in anodized black now) that I had leftover from our boating years. When stopping to have lunch for instance, this is a one-handed solution to stowing your paddle out of the way, yet still being able to clip your two kayaks together, since the clip hasn’t been obligated to paddle stowage.

Pack of 5 (enough for 2 kayaks) – Lift-The-dot kit Socket and Plate , along with 5/8″ long Screw Studs @ Amazon
I used a 11/32″ socket to install screw studs after drilling a 3/32″ hole about 1/4″ deep (I drilled it by hand to insure I didn’t go through the visible upper section of the trim). Click photo to enlarge.
In order to guarantee that the screw wouldn’t penetrate out the other side, I located the holes where extra plastic was inserted (approx above the “B” of “Back Bulkhead” and the “O” of “Front Bulkhead”). You’ll see a bulge.
Not knowing what the loop at the end of the strap was for, I opted to install the snap 1/2″ lower than the doubled material. I used a paper punch for the 1/4″ hole, but the tangs easily punch through the strap. Then use pliers to fold over the tangs on the backside.
No evidence of a drilled hole 😉
I’m quite pleased with the results. As a bonus, I can snap on my Rubbermaid pouch cup holder…
… that I had adapted (along with a 3D-printed hanger) for my Fiat 124 Spider to hold my portable CB, until I came up with another pouch that worked even better (our car club uses CBs when a bunch of go touring).

[Added 2/23/2022]
Being a newbie, I am not familiar with Oru’s evolvement of developments for the Inlet, but I was wondering what the pair of Velcro tabs on the starboard rail were intended for (were they there to simply keep the strap from dangling in the water?) 


aha4aiconI had another idea today, after finishing the snap mod on my second kayak:  If the Velcro tabs are fed through each of the two strap loops, Oru has already provided a built-in paddle holder without having to do any modification!  Is that an unintended feature, or is that what the Velcro tabs are for?