European ⇔ North American ⇔ Japan Radio Tuner module (TAU) exchange hookup


TAU is in the same spot for LHD and RHD

Due to the superior performance of Google Search, I’m creating this thread (with specific search tags to focus searches further) to hopefully assist the few blog readers that have transported their vehicles across the pond (or will be), and find that the FM/DAB tuners no longer function properly, and hopefully help them “hookup” with someone that has done the same, but in the opposite direction, so that they can barter an exchange with each other.

FM Tuner channel spacing:

  • 50kHz channel spacing means no RDS.
  • 100kHz channel spacing allows for RDS.
  • 200kHz channel spacing (like in the US) also allows HD Radio.

I got the idea for this, after getting this email from Tomas P.

I buy fiat 124 spider from US and im living in Lithuania (Europe) so my problem is radio frequency. How i can change US radio frequency to EU? Do you have that firmware?

As far as I know, there is not a firmware fix for this, and I’m under the impression that you don’t have to change your firmware region to accommodate the new TAU.  I’m also not aware of a firmware repository for Fiat firmware anywhere – unlike Mazda firmware, so if it turns out you would like firmware installed for your new region, you’ll probably need to have a dealer (in that new region) do that for you.   You can download the new Navigation maps yourself though.

I could be wrong, but aside from Japan (I do know of one guy that shipped his 124 Abarth to Japan), I don’t know of cars getting imported/exported to/from other countries like Australia, South America, etc.   Anyways, if I’m wrong, I’m happy to add those tags too – all are welcome to post here 😉

I welcome and encourage readers that have the 7″ screen radio, to use this thread to exchange TAU modules (reminder: this is a module behind the right-side kick panel – not the CMU or screen) with each other, using comments below.  You should state:

  1. the part # shown on the label of your TAU unit* (since you probably won’t remove your TAU until a replacement is forthcoming, you can leave this blank for now – we can edit it in later when you have a label to read).
  2. model year (this probably doesn’t matter so much, although some 2017 TAU modules for North America didn’t have an XM antenna port).
  3. model (Classica, Lusso, Abarth – although, again, this probably doesn’t matter too much) (also MX-5 GT, Club, RF).
  4. is your radio Bose (line-out to the Bose AMP) or non-Bose (integrated 4-way AMP)?
  5. does your trunk lid have a sharkfin antenna?  (this indicates SiriusXM capability)
  6. the original country that TAU did work in.
  7. and the new country that you need the tuner to work in.
  8. your email address (use the format name at domain dot com, rather than ➤ so that robots are less likely to scrape it).

* The first 4 digits of the TAU part # can be obtained from the Audio system diagnostic screen:

  1. Switch the ignition to ACC or ON (engine off or on).
  2. Press the Music button, Favorite button, and the volume mute knob simultaneously for 2 seconds or more.
  3. Use the Test screen presented to use option:
85Part Number Readout TAUDisplays the tuner and amplifier unit part number (first 4 digits)

2 thoughts on “European ⇔ North American ⇔ Japan Radio Tuner module (TAU) exchange hookup

  1. I have Fiat 124 2017 MY Classica (w/o XM antenna an w/o Bose)
    Wanted to test EU 100hz radio. Tried TAU from Mazda CX5 partnumber KA3C-66-DRX
    And radio actually worked with 100hz spacing. But I got very low sound from speakers. Probably because CX5 TAU has 9 speaker configuration and/or wiring is different for USA/EU


    • I’m guessing that your CX5 TAU was paired with the Bose system (9-speaker setup), which has a separate amp behind the seats rather than in the TAU (the TAU is really just a pre-amp in that case).


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